Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Thought I would post it here.....

This thread at CARM was deleted before I could post my response...so I will do it here, just to have the last word. (Petty I know)

[quote=Lala;1686089]proove it exegesis the whole passage and show me where Christ told you , you will concoct a magical potion that will be His flesh and blood[/quote]

Jesus didn't say that. And we don't "concoct a magical potion" statements like that just announce your ignorance of Catholicism.

I have shown you my proof, proof that Jesus said "this is my body" it is now on you to show why you think he did not mean that.

It is up to you to explain why Paul would teach such a dire consequence for a symbolic act.

It is up to you to explain why the apostles followers believed the Catholic position and not yours.

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lala said...

do you want to do this here or bring it back to Carm, either territory I'm game...