Friday, September 30, 2005


Well, here is my update. My previous post talked about a discussion I was having with some extreme anti-catholics. Well, the debate did not go much further. However, I did score a small victory, not only did anti-catholic #1 find that she could not prove that number, she did finally open her eyes to the hatred of Eric Phelps and abandon his cause. I pray that she will continue to search for the truth.

I waded into one of "Fuhrer Eric's" web sites "The Unhived Mind" made 3 posts challenging their demi-god and was promptly banned. This is their view of freedom of speech. It's ok as long as you agree with them. Which is exactly what they charge the Jesuits of doing.

I did complete a read through of Mr. Phelps book, "Vatican Assassins" (look for it on pdf on the web, DON'T give your money to this guy). In it Mr. Phelps advocates the murder (or righteous execution, as he calls it) of Catholics. Not directly, mind you, but he sets up the book talking about how Jesuits are planning concentration camps for protestants and in the last pages of the books said that Whites should take up their "swords of just defense" (guns) and kill those who "desire to do them harm". Well, of course, the point of his whole book is that CATHOLICS desire to harm protestants. And he wonders why no one will sell his book other than a little new-age publisher.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Anti-catholic tactics

I am currently involved with some extreme anti-catholics in a debate about the inquisition. They started by saying 87 million were killed. I challanged them on that and asked for proof. They offered no proof, but reduced their number to 69 million and began attacking me personnaly. I ignored their insults and again asked for proof. I was then called a liar and deciever and told I was going to hell. still no proof, but this time I was told that if I converted to their way of thinking, Jesus would divinly reveal it to me. See a pattern?

You should avoid challanging people if you cannot prove what you claim. St. Paul tells us to "test everything" and "hold fast to that which is true".

Here is my exchange"

Anti Catholic 1:
the Roman Catholic Church tortured and mulitated over 87 MILLIOIN people in the Reformation inquisition

during the Reformation, there was only about 100 million people in Europe, are you honestly saying that the RCC slaughterd 87% of the population?

Anti Catholic 1:
they did a good job....
whatever your are you disrupted groups from hearing the truth
you work for the pagan and occultistic whore of babylon

I don't work for the Vatican, I just offered an alternative to your "truth".

Anti Catholic 1:
(posts a copy of an anti-catholic website)

refutes all the allegations, points out the facts of the inquisition, there were acquittals, death sentances were rare.

Anti-Catholic 2:
So the death penalty was "rarely imposed" on some 68 millions of
so-called "heretics? far as I am concerned you are a deliberate and
misleading LIAR!!!

All I ask is that you please offer some proof for your numbers.

So, AntiCatholic1 stated it was 80+million, Anticatholic2 states 68 million, which
is it?

AntiCatholic 1
when your dealing with that many millions what 's the difference it's astromonical and shows the filth of the RCC

The difference is that neither figure is true, and the fact is less
than 50000 were executed during the inquisition, Cromwell alone
slaughtered more Catholics than that in Ireland over just a few years.
The facts are out there for anyone to see. Your fiqure of millions
is just propoganda, so tell me, where is your proof for that number?

Here's mine:

your supreme interest is to disvirt people from learning the

Really? Wow, thats news to me, you would think I would know what my
"supreme interest" is. Now, how about some proof to your numbers,
quit trying to dodge the question.

for someone who is trying not to mislead that's ALL your doing is posting lies

Still waiting on proof, quit trying to dodge the question.

We are NOT in the business of trying to PROOVE anything to you or anybody else for that matter of fact as the proof has been set before ALL EYES by that very GREAT WHORE herself thoughout history.

Still waiting...

I will let you know how this "debate" turns out. Bottom line, don't allege things you cannot prove.

Friday, July 29, 2005


By profession I am an Independant Insurance Adjuster. But I am greatly disturbed by the growing lack of ethics in this country.

You see it all around, people who cheat insurance companies, the government etc. Everybody's always trying to see what they can get away with. We all know them, the people who are doing well, but lie on the paperwork in order to get food stamps. I recently met someone who stated that a friend of his made his wife the owner of his company in order to qualify as a minority owned business. And, of course, I could give you a long list of the frauds I have encountered in my work in insurance and law enforcement.

What is up with people? Has ethics become a thing of the past? Everybody wants to see what they can get away with. Nobody wants to pay for anything. Something for nothing, that is all anybody wants these days.

Just listen to peoples rationalizations:
"Everybody does it"
"It's a big company/government they won't miss it"
"I paid premiums for years, THEY OWE ME!"

This is for all of you out there. CUT IT OUT!!! The reasons your health care, insurance and consumer products cost so much? Look in the mirror. Show some backbone, if you don't deserve it, don't get it. Leave it for people who need it. Who deserve it.

By the way, it's illegal too.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Jack Chick

The king of the anti-Catholics is Jack Chick. This mans hatred for everything Catholic is obvious. But what is even more glaring is how little he knows not only about Catholicism but about ANY topic he appears to write a tract on. Throughout the web there are websites dedicated to him and his tracts. Often refuting every point in them, from D&D to homosexuality, Catholicism, Islam. Jack's ignorance on his subjects is glaring.

One thing many of these sites talk about is the nasty letters that they have recieved from Chick's lawyers. It appears he does not like criticism and will sue to keep it away. Many of these sites have ignored him. All of Chicks info on the Catholic Church comes from con-man Alberto Rivera. Rivera's glaring ignorance about the Catholic Church (and lack of ability to speak latin) alone proves he was never a Priest.

Chick's defense of Rivera is very weak. Rivera claimed he had hundreds of documents to prove his story. But he never published a single one, even when challenged to do so. His Certificate of Ordination alone would have lent him a ton of credibility, but apparantly he was the only priest ordained in the 20th Century who never got one.

All of Chicks conspiracy theories are just the old reworked Nazi Jewish conspiracy theories with "Jew" replaced with "Jesuit".

Here are some of my favorite anti-Chick sites:

Don't be fooled by Jack Chick tracts!

Meet Jack Chick

The Gay Blade
(This tract shows the level of ignorance and the encouraging of discrimination and violence against homosexuals)

MST3K meets "Dark Dungeons"
(A hilarious send-up of the Chick tract and exposee, once again, of Chicks ignorance of his subjects)

That's all for now, but I'll be back with more! Next up...weird conspiracy theories.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Anti-Catholicism on the Web

Well, I think I know what I am going to do with this blog. One of my hobbies is Catholic Apologetics. Here lately, I have seen a large growth on the web of hateful anti-Catholicism along with wild and, frankly, STUPID conspiracy thoeries. The new leader of this group appears to be a racist by the name of Eric Jon Phelps.

Like many of the people on the extremes, he knows nothing about Catholicism or the theology behind it. He runs a website called "Vatican Assassins" ( On it, he basically claims that the Catholic Church is responsible for everything from the Kennedy Assassination, the Dec. 26 Tsunami (seriously!!) and basically everything else, right down to that flat tire you got last week.

Now, before you think I am being too harsh, he ADMITS to being a racist, he is proud of it. Here is his own words.

"(Some Racism is) God-ordained Racism which is the result of HIS sovereign creation of the races"

"the greatest servants of the Lord are also White Gentiles" (never mind the fact that neither Christ nor his apostles were white gentiles)

"Discrimination and Racism are good things as ordained by God for the purposes of keeping mankind separate. " (Contrast this with what Jesus taught "And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'")

" discrimination on the basis of race, sex and language, as well as religious persuasion, is no sin---according to the Word of God. "

" I am calling for the creation of an exclusive White nation within North America"

"This means that there will no longer be any more "White flight" away from the majority Savage Blacks "

(This quotes can be read within their context at:

Mr. Phelps claims his book has been censored and banned in parts of the US. Cenorship can only be done by the government, and they have not banned his book. Yes, Amazon does not sell it, but that is most likely to avoid possible liable lawsuits and the fact that the book probably would not sell. Mr Phelps claims that the church is rife with occultic and new agers. Yet, the company that publishes his book has MANY new-age titles including many on Levitation, UFO's and walking the Spiritual Path.

Mr Phelps does have his disciples er... followers who take everything he writes as equal to the Holy Scriptures. Their meeting place is on Yahoo! at "Voice of the Prophetic Angel"

Most of Mr. Phelps info comes from Alberto Rivera, a mail-order doctor and con-man who claimed to be a Jesuit priest, but could never offer any proof of this nor could he ever substantiate any of his stories.

Make up your own mind, here is a anti-catholic sites critique of his work.

Another story disproving him (Who Was Alberto Rivera?)

Alberto Rivera’s False Anti-Catholic Story

A lawsuit filed against Alberto Rivera

Jack Chick will be a subject at a later date.

Monday, July 04, 2005

First Post!

This is my first attempt at a blog! Happy Independance Day! More to come!

(Is it just me or does blog sound like the noise you hear when a moth hits your windshield?