Monday, December 31, 2007

The Pope's Private Residence

Not everyone is aware that the Pope owns his own house. I am sure everyone wants to see it right?

Here it is:

What an obscene and ostentatious display of wealth ? Especially compared to these "men of God":

Myth of the "dagon" hat

I have seen this several times on the net and it is just plain silly. The notion is that the mitre that bishops wear in the Catholic Church is actually a representation of the fish god "dagon".

Here is a sketch showing the evolution of the Mitre from the 11th Century onward:

Now, notice that the mitre has only been in use since about the year 1000AD, and that (according to wikipedia) the cult of Dagon disappeared about 500BC, how can bishops be referencing a pagan God whose followers died 1500 years before? It is ridiculous to think they are.

Here is also some good articles on the history of the Mitre:

Now can we stop this "dagon" nonsense? You have been educated.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Anti-Catholicsm rears its ugly head.

It is rare when I come across a true "anti-catholic" on the internet. Keep in mind, I define an "Anti-Catholic" as someone with an irrational fear and/or hatred of the Catholic Church and Catholics in general. Today on CARM I ran across this gem:

I've been around catholics for decades and arouns them on the internet for years. The catholics in person are as ignorant of what they believe as I would expect. The catholics on the internet are trained liars. By this I mean that regardless of how it stares at them from accurate sources, including their own, they lie their way out of it, using the usual catholic controvertist methods. That means if one of them were to say good morning to me, I'd wait to see if it actually is one. I object to your statement of pre-determined, since I look for the unusual all the time. You know, the possibility that a catholic may agree that what he believes and preaches is not true. I don't hold my breath, you can understand why.
How is this Christian?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

More scare tactics.

Why is the truth so hard. Why is it necessary nowadays to vilify the other person in a dispute?

A Colorado Hospital is being purchased by a Catholic group. And already some of the doctors and the press are making it seem like health care will suffer. Of course there is a sob story about a woman who will be denied a life-saving operation because of repressive catholic morals (In fact, Catholic hospital directives would not prevent her surgery at all). And the scare tactic that people will be kept alive against their will as vegetables (this is also untrue).

Here is a letter I wrote to the paper on this article:

This article is full of misinformation about the Catholic Church and is poor journalism.

First of all, nothing in Catholic medical directives would forbid the Doctor from performing a tubal ligation on Ms. Strong. She has a legitimate medical need for it. I don't know if it is an attempt either by the hospital or the reporter to make the Catholic Church look evil but it is not true. I have been around Catholic hospitals my whole life and have seen this procedure performed many times in them.

Also, Dr. Murphey is mistaken, living wills are allowed and are followed at Catholic Hospitals.