Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Catholic Apps for Android phones

I have updated with a new post on this topic

One thing people like me who have Android phones (in my case the Tmobile G1 [aka HTC Dream]) is the lack of Catholic Apps compared to the iphone.

Well, some have come onto the Market.

The first and the oldest is the Ibreviary. This app has the distinction of being the only app for both the Android and the iphone that is approved by the Vatican. The Ibreviary is the brainchild of Fr. Paolo Padrini, it contains the daily readings and the daily office as well as a variety of Prayers in several languages.

The second and only other app is the Sincereprayer app from mlabs. It is a very sleek and well put together app. It contains a rosary, a prayer journal and links to the USCCB website, daily podcasts and readings as well as the ability to add your favorite prayers or write and integrate your own.

The block codes on this post can be read with the barcode scanner app, to download the programs.