Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Catholic Android Apps

Never thought this would become my most popular topic, but go figure.

Since my last post, some new Catholic Android apps have come out, let's run them down.

First, the free apps.

The first one is imass, this is a reworked iphone app and very poorly done at that, it is a memory hog and while the premise is good, (daily videos of Mass at the Cathederal in New Orleans, as well as video rosaries and news), the videos are on a site not supported by android, and the news stories just take you back to the diocese website, it appears to just be an advertising platform that accesses a lot of part on your phone you don't need it to. (for example gps must be on for app to work). No link, because not worth the download

Next is a vanity app for the "4th Frog Blog", the blog of a catholic wife and mother in the midwest, not exactly my cup of tea, but if you are a fan, you can have her posts and tweets at your fingertips.

Next is a team of apps form Artur Polit, Mobile Rosary and Mobile Prayerbook, these were originally Java apps that were converted over to Android, at first, not very well, but they have since been updated and include the Rosary, Stations of the Cross, various Chaplets and other prayers. Very simple and very good apps that don't take up a lot of space.

There is a pay-for Catholic app out there now, the very popular imissal from the iphone platform. I have not seen this app at work yet, but the reviews I have read are outstanding. I may have to actually buy this one!

I will keep my eyes out and let you know as new apps come online!

Now, don't forget, there are always ways to make secular apps Catholic! Combine IP Cam viewer, with the live feed over at and you get a live feed on your phone of the Blessed Sacrament, ready for prayer wherever you are!

Or, download Worldtour and you can set your wallpaper to one of the live webcams that the Vatican City State operates of St. Peters.


Todd said...

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Jimmy said...

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Chris S said...

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