Friday, December 28, 2007

Anti-Catholicsm rears its ugly head.

It is rare when I come across a true "anti-catholic" on the internet. Keep in mind, I define an "Anti-Catholic" as someone with an irrational fear and/or hatred of the Catholic Church and Catholics in general. Today on CARM I ran across this gem:

I've been around catholics for decades and arouns them on the internet for years. The catholics in person are as ignorant of what they believe as I would expect. The catholics on the internet are trained liars. By this I mean that regardless of how it stares at them from accurate sources, including their own, they lie their way out of it, using the usual catholic controvertist methods. That means if one of them were to say good morning to me, I'd wait to see if it actually is one. I object to your statement of pre-determined, since I look for the unusual all the time. You know, the possibility that a catholic may agree that what he believes and preaches is not true. I don't hold my breath, you can understand why.
How is this Christian?


Jason said...

Stuff like that is why I broke off participating at CARM. When the default assumption of a board is that "the Catholic Church is apostate" and there is a significant segment of posters who's hatred and/or fear has clouded their reason, it's not my kinda scene.

God bless you folks that keep on keepin' on over there, though.

Jason "Irenic" Sims

lori said...

Left a long comment, that got deleted before it got posted... here's the short version.

It is extremely sad to see people who are hateful on CARM or any Christian sites, but it also sheds light on the anger that the truth can stir within those not aligned with it.

People like you kept me going back to CARM, and I am grateful because I am much closer to being Catholic than before going there.

Sometimes you have to see what something is not, to better understand what it is.

BTW, I love your blog!

God bless you, Kmerian.

kmerian said...

And God bless you Lori, on your journey.

Truly, I am thankful for every Anti-Catholic I have met. Some, I have been able to turn their hearts. Others, have strengthened my faith immeasurably. I pray for them all.