Friday, August 12, 2005

Anti-catholic tactics

I am currently involved with some extreme anti-catholics in a debate about the inquisition. They started by saying 87 million were killed. I challanged them on that and asked for proof. They offered no proof, but reduced their number to 69 million and began attacking me personnaly. I ignored their insults and again asked for proof. I was then called a liar and deciever and told I was going to hell. still no proof, but this time I was told that if I converted to their way of thinking, Jesus would divinly reveal it to me. See a pattern?

You should avoid challanging people if you cannot prove what you claim. St. Paul tells us to "test everything" and "hold fast to that which is true".

Here is my exchange"

Anti Catholic 1:
the Roman Catholic Church tortured and mulitated over 87 MILLIOIN people in the Reformation inquisition

during the Reformation, there was only about 100 million people in Europe, are you honestly saying that the RCC slaughterd 87% of the population?

Anti Catholic 1:
they did a good job....
whatever your are you disrupted groups from hearing the truth
you work for the pagan and occultistic whore of babylon

I don't work for the Vatican, I just offered an alternative to your "truth".

Anti Catholic 1:
(posts a copy of an anti-catholic website)

refutes all the allegations, points out the facts of the inquisition, there were acquittals, death sentances were rare.

Anti-Catholic 2:
So the death penalty was "rarely imposed" on some 68 millions of
so-called "heretics? far as I am concerned you are a deliberate and
misleading LIAR!!!

All I ask is that you please offer some proof for your numbers.

So, AntiCatholic1 stated it was 80+million, Anticatholic2 states 68 million, which
is it?

AntiCatholic 1
when your dealing with that many millions what 's the difference it's astromonical and shows the filth of the RCC

The difference is that neither figure is true, and the fact is less
than 50000 were executed during the inquisition, Cromwell alone
slaughtered more Catholics than that in Ireland over just a few years.
The facts are out there for anyone to see. Your fiqure of millions
is just propoganda, so tell me, where is your proof for that number?

Here's mine:

your supreme interest is to disvirt people from learning the

Really? Wow, thats news to me, you would think I would know what my
"supreme interest" is. Now, how about some proof to your numbers,
quit trying to dodge the question.

for someone who is trying not to mislead that's ALL your doing is posting lies

Still waiting on proof, quit trying to dodge the question.

We are NOT in the business of trying to PROOVE anything to you or anybody else for that matter of fact as the proof has been set before ALL EYES by that very GREAT WHORE herself thoughout history.

Still waiting...

I will let you know how this "debate" turns out. Bottom line, don't allege things you cannot prove.

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