Friday, September 30, 2005


Well, here is my update. My previous post talked about a discussion I was having with some extreme anti-catholics. Well, the debate did not go much further. However, I did score a small victory, not only did anti-catholic #1 find that she could not prove that number, she did finally open her eyes to the hatred of Eric Phelps and abandon his cause. I pray that she will continue to search for the truth.

I waded into one of "Fuhrer Eric's" web sites "The Unhived Mind" made 3 posts challenging their demi-god and was promptly banned. This is their view of freedom of speech. It's ok as long as you agree with them. Which is exactly what they charge the Jesuits of doing.

I did complete a read through of Mr. Phelps book, "Vatican Assassins" (look for it on pdf on the web, DON'T give your money to this guy). In it Mr. Phelps advocates the murder (or righteous execution, as he calls it) of Catholics. Not directly, mind you, but he sets up the book talking about how Jesuits are planning concentration camps for protestants and in the last pages of the books said that Whites should take up their "swords of just defense" (guns) and kill those who "desire to do them harm". Well, of course, the point of his whole book is that CATHOLICS desire to harm protestants. And he wonders why no one will sell his book other than a little new-age publisher.

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Timothy said...

Disagreeing with Roman Catholicism is not a crime in America. Also, it's a fact that the Vatican isn't perfect in its history. To assume that the Vatican is perfect in its history is as much a lie as to assume that everyone in the Vatican is to be blamed for all sin in all human history.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)