Friday, July 22, 2005

Jack Chick

The king of the anti-Catholics is Jack Chick. This mans hatred for everything Catholic is obvious. But what is even more glaring is how little he knows not only about Catholicism but about ANY topic he appears to write a tract on. Throughout the web there are websites dedicated to him and his tracts. Often refuting every point in them, from D&D to homosexuality, Catholicism, Islam. Jack's ignorance on his subjects is glaring.

One thing many of these sites talk about is the nasty letters that they have recieved from Chick's lawyers. It appears he does not like criticism and will sue to keep it away. Many of these sites have ignored him. All of Chicks info on the Catholic Church comes from con-man Alberto Rivera. Rivera's glaring ignorance about the Catholic Church (and lack of ability to speak latin) alone proves he was never a Priest.

Chick's defense of Rivera is very weak. Rivera claimed he had hundreds of documents to prove his story. But he never published a single one, even when challenged to do so. His Certificate of Ordination alone would have lent him a ton of credibility, but apparantly he was the only priest ordained in the 20th Century who never got one.

All of Chicks conspiracy theories are just the old reworked Nazi Jewish conspiracy theories with "Jew" replaced with "Jesuit".

Here are some of my favorite anti-Chick sites:

Don't be fooled by Jack Chick tracts!

Meet Jack Chick

The Gay Blade
(This tract shows the level of ignorance and the encouraging of discrimination and violence against homosexuals)

MST3K meets "Dark Dungeons"
(A hilarious send-up of the Chick tract and exposee, once again, of Chicks ignorance of his subjects)

That's all for now, but I'll be back with more! Next up...weird conspiracy theories.

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