Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eric Jon Phelps lying again.

I am usually very slow to accuse someone of lying, but when the lying is obvious, it needs to be pointed out. On his website "Vatican Assassins" Eric states that his ridiculous book can be ordered through LOWVEHM, Inc. A company that "holds the copyright to the book and has no legal connection with the author" But, that is not what LOWVEHM's website states where it lists: "Eric Jon Phelps, Vice President, Lowvehm, Inc." Sorry Mr. Phelps but being Vice President of a Corporation, makes you legally connected to it.

And, some quick little research shows LOVEHM, to be legally incorporated in Pennsylvania. So, Mr. Phelps who often decries corporations, owns one himself. Hypocrisy.


Ted Heath said...

(sung to the tune of "follow the yellowbrick road)

Peter was never in rome!
Peter was never in rome!

Never, never, never, never...

Peter was never in rome!

emergency survival

The vatican is a foreign government. Are you governed by a foreign government?

kmerian said...

No, because I am not a citizen of the Vatican City State.

Just because the Pope is both the head of the RCC and the head of the Vatican City State, does not make me "ruled by a foreign government" any more than being Episcopalian makes me a citizen of Great Britain.

Also, Peter being in Rome is an established historical fact. Sorry

The Catholic Journeyman said...

Amazing how they ( the Ted Heath's of this world ) never do their research before they embarrass themselves...then they privatize their profiles hiding from the truth.

kmerian said...

Well, I am used to it. They are so sure in their ignorance they won't listen to the truth. very sad.

Moral Order said...

Phelps?? Lying again?!!? Sir that is slander!!!!!!!!!

Phelps claims to be an "AV1611 Protestant Fifth Monarchist"but wherever I go no-one in the know (Minister, Pastors etc seem to know precisely what that is.

He is certainly not a Protestant

MaryC said...

Lowvehm is an Israeli blood diamond running company. Mr Phelps is a highly dubious character, to put it mildly.

Seong Bae Pak said...
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