Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where are the Gentlemen?

James White has put out 2 videos on youtube just absolutely vilifying his sister, her religious choices and her divorce. He also attacks anyone who defends her. As per his usual tactics, he disables all comments on his videos and his blog. That is why there is no dissent in his reformed Baptist church either, dissent with the "Doctor" is not allowed.

I guess the adultress in the Bible who was saved from being stoned by Christs words "let he who is without sin cast the first stone", is lucky James White was not there. It seems he would have gladly felt that he could have thrown the first stone.

Mr. White, a Catholic Gentleman will always step in and defend a woman who is being attacked. Your youtube diatribes against her are just exercises in cruelty. Your constant refering to your sister as "Mrs. Bonds" is a not so subtle attempt to make it clear to her that she is no longer your sister (as far as your concerned). On her blog she always refers to you as her brother.

If you want to attack anyone, here I am. Steve Ray, Dave Armstrong, Art Sippo and William Albrecht are doing what any honorable brother would do, defend his sister. Perhaps you can learn from them.


deb said...

I admire Patty Bonds for coming out with her story. It is very difficult to speak out about sexual abuse.

Anonymous said...

Sent to Patty's blog but she probably won't let it get posted this is food for thought....

Full disclosure, like you I am a practicing Catholic and a survivor of child abuse.

Patty you write...

“After spending a lengthy time working through the sexual abuse that my father subjected me to for years, I had to confront my brother with the truth. Whether out of ignorance or a simple denial of what he knew to be true (I am not sure which), he began making false accusations against me to the elders of my church at the time, demanding that I be brought up on charges for having confronted my parents with an elder of my church to discuss the sexual abuse I had been subjected to.”

My question to you is why? Why did you have to drag your brother into this? After working through the abuse that your father subjected you to you had to confront your BROTHER? Why for goodness sake? If he was ignorant and you confronted him how do you think that the information hurt HIM? And you went public. If ever he had an Inkling to look Into the Catholic Church I'm betting that that thought has gone and may never return. Why did you have to confront him and why did you have to make it public? Does "sticking It" to someone make you feel better.

Detraction is the unjust damaging of another's good name by the revelation of some fault or crime of which that other is really guilty or at any rate is seriously believed to be guilty by the defamer. If I had done this, I would have to go to confession and then start trying to make amends.

You should have dealt with this and offered up the pain In union with Christ's suffering.

Jesse Ray said...

Easy for you to say "Anonymous" who won't even disclose a name. Advice from anonymous' are always a bit rude and presumptuous, don't you think? Seve Ray