Thursday, June 04, 2009

Catholics DO evangelize

(Originally posted over at CARM)

I recent thread was started stating that Catholics do not evangelize. Mostly because we don't stand on streetcorners or go door to door.

Well, this is the 21st century. lists over 1000 blog feeds from Catholic Bloggers, isn't that evangelizing?

tweetcatholic has over 1700 Catholics who twitter (tweet?) regularly.

Over 1200 people have visited my apologetics blog since just the beginning of this year.

So maybe we aren't doing this:

And reaching a few people.

We are doing this:

And reaching MILLIONS!


Hidden One said...

And then there's the Legion of Mary, which DOES do door-to-door evangelizing.

Kneeling Catholic said...

Hey Kmerian!

I finally got around to answering your comment.....

pray for me!

K. C.

Anonymous said...

I have frequented Catholics blogs for years, Mark Shea, the Curt Jester, Amy Welborn, etc.

When do Catholic blogs evangelize except to say JOIN THE RCC!

Is the gospel even preached anywhere on your blog?

Repent and be born again in Jesus Christ?

Or is it the usual narcissistic fest, look what I DID!, look at what a HOLY PERSON I AM!....surrounded by quibbles about whether Catholics should shake hands during the Mass or bow to each other or the latest pretty dress the Pope is wearing.

Where do Catholic blogs actually preach the gospel?

[The RCC does not have the gospel, it preaches JOIN OUR CHURCH, like every other cult out there]