Wednesday, July 08, 2009

She was not his "girlfriend"!

I am so sick and tired of this. What happened to Steve McNair is horrible. But what is worse is the growing amount of disrespect to his wife.

This headline hit me on Yahoo! today:
Police: McNair shot dead in sleep by girlfriend

She was not his "girlfriend" she was his mistress. He was not getting a divorce and had not even discussed getting a divorce. Now, it comes out that her motive was her fear he was cheating on HER? She should not have been surprised, he was already cheating on his wife with her, could she (the mistress) really have been surprised that he was cheating on her?

It is disrespectful to his wife and family every time this woman is referred to as his "girlfriend" it implies that he did not even have a wife or family, when he did. It is one thing not to speak ill of the dead, it is another to try to act like the living don't even exist.

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