Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another trip over to "Abortion Clinic Days".

While this site has always been unashemedly pro-abortion, even they stepped beyond the fringe with their latest post, here are some highlights and my responses:

"In the United States since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 there have been over 45 million women who have chosen to have safe, legal abortions. In fact, 37% of American women, over 1 in 3 women, will have an abortion by the age of 45. "

The fact is, this is a false statistic, it is playing with numbers, it takes the number of abortions performed and divides it by the number of women living since 1973. It assumes one woman having one abortion in her lifetime. It does not take into account repeat recievers of abortions, and abortion of more than one fetus at a time. That would greatly reduce this number and its impact.

She then went on to list abortion "stigmas":

Abortion IS mainstream medicine.

Abortion IS a normal part of women’s health care.

So, why is stigma so successful? Why does the shame persist and silence pervade in our culture when so many people share the abortion experience?

Most of the time these 45 million women are silent.

Most of the time the loved ones who helped them with their abortion don’t talk about it either.

In fact, the pro-choice majority is silent.

Most of the people talking about abortion in our society are anti-abortion.

We abortion providers often feel and are looked at as the “radical fringe of the pro-choice movement”

So, their argument is that abortion should be "frequent" (of course, more money for them)

Abortion should be considered "mainstream medicine" (In other words, remove conscience clauses and force healthcare providers to perform abortions.)

Abortion should be a "normal" part of a woman's health care (IOW, every woman should have an abortion, whether she wants to or not, making them no different than a pap smear.)

It goes on to ignore the negatives of abortion, the guilt, shame that accompanies it. They don't make the connection that is the reason women don't talk about it. Many come to regret their decisions, even though you will NEVER hear the pro-abortionists say that.

She then lists more "stigma":

I EXPEREINCE stigma all the time in my work; the hospital will not give privileges to our physicians, we can’t secure local back up doctors, we can’t get anyone to provide us with bottled water or replace our tile floors or replace our roof or resurface our parking lot.

I HEAR stigma everywhere:

“Abortion should be rare”

“Abortion is a tragedy” (and these are our friends!)

“Prevention First”

“I am pro-choice but I’d never have an abortion”

“I am not like those other women”

“I don’t believe in abortion as birth control”

Starting from the top, she implies that they cannot find doctors because of "stigma" the fact is my doctors want nothing to do with Abortion. Perhaps she should ask herself "why"?

The rest of her "stigmas" are shocking in their callousness.

If she believes these are stigmas, then she must believe the converse to be virtues:
She believes:
That private companies, hospitals and doctors, should not have the "right to refuse service to anyone" this is a cornerstone of free enterprise.

Abortion should be frequent.
That it is NOT a tragedy
That prevention is unnecessary
That Pro-choice women should not exercise their "right" to choose, they should choose what this pro-abortionists says they should, which is abortion.
That woman who are responsible about their reproductive choices are "stigmatizing"
That abortion should be an acceptable form of birth control (one that carries risk of sterilization or death, but that is pretty much irrelevant to her)

The article goes on to claim that pro-abortionists encourage women to "be all they can be", in other words, that children dimish a woman and hold her back. This is beyond even radical feminism.

This is the leaders of this movement, and thier biggest liability. While those of us on the pro-life side have our wackos, this article makes it clear the "pro-choicers" do as well. This post of thiers borders on absolute bloodlust and stinks of authoritarianism.

And they claim they are the "common ground"?

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