Thursday, July 01, 2010

Catholic apps for the Android Part III

Well, since my last post, some more great Catholic apps have trickled onto the Android. (and I do mean trickle). Let's take a look.

One that is not really a Catholic app, but a Christian App with Catholic content is the Bible Reader from Olivetree. This is a simple Bible Reader App that I use, it has both the Douay Rheims (free) and the NAB (not free) available it even has the Clementine Vulgate as well as the Latin (St. Jerome) Vulgate, as well as any number of other translations.

Next is the "Daily Readings" app from Aycka Soft, that is exactly what it says. It is the daily readings from the mass as well as daily reflections from Don Schwager's website. It also has the Mass prayers. Not as complete as imissal, but better than your average missal in the pews.

Then comes a pretty sparse offering called "Lectio Divina" a fairly simple app that offers the daily readings as well as the saint whose feast day it is. The downside to this app is that it appears to be merely a front for the browser. So unlike ibreviary or Scincere Prayer, it doesn't download the readings into your phone (great for those of us who place our phones in "airplane mode" during Mass.

As I said, the apps are just trickling in, hopefully we will see a burst of offerings like there is for the iphone.

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James Anderson said...

Thanks for sharing an update on the latest Catholic apps released for the Android device. Lectio Divina is an interesting app which encourages Catholics to read the Bible on a daily basis.