Saturday, February 19, 2011

The media is getting better

Something has caught my eye lately. The way Christians are being portrayed in mass media appears to be improving, throughout the 2000's Christians in general were portrayed usually as either fundamentalist wackos or giant hypocrites. But just in the last year I have seen two notable exceptions.

First, is my favorite TV show, Psych. This show is smart and funny and full of pop culture references. But most noticable is the character of Gus (played by Dule Hill), not only is he the only Black lead on a prime time basic cable show, he is also one of the few (if not one of the only) Christian characters on TV.

Also on Psych, is the recurring Character of "Father Wesley" (played to perfection by Ray Wise), here is a Priest that is just a normal guy, he is not an alcoholic, or a sexually repressed psychopath.

But by far one of the best portrayals was on last years season finale of "In plain sight". This show is the story of a US Marshall who works in the witness protection program. In the season finale she is assigned a priest who witnessed two brutal murders. At first he is all to happy to give up his collar. But as the show goes on, he finds himself conflicted and looking for a "sign" from God for what he is supposed to do. In usual tv twists, the killers find him, and try to take him out before he can testify. What is the most powerful is the shows climactic scene, where after the US Marshalls have shot the killers, one reaches out for the Priest he just tried to kill, and as the man is dying, the Priest grants him, forgiveness, absolution and performs the final sacrament to the man who moments ago wanted him dead.

In the end, he returns to the priesthood and gets his sign, Mary, the US Marshall gives him a actual sign with Hebrews 7:17 written on it "You are a Priest forever....". This show was noticeable as it showed the priesthood as a vocation, not just a job. This is clearly what this man was meant to do with his life.

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Dave Rosen said...

Great thoughts keep them coming. So glad to hear some positiveness about the media!


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Rebecca Hamilton said...

Thanks for this post. It's so tiresome, the ugly way Christianity is portrayed today. It's heartening to hear of an exception!