Friday, September 07, 2007

The Return of the "Antichrist Information Center".

Nury Rivera (wife of the late Alberto Rivera) has resurfaced, now in Florida. She is still pushing her husbands agenda. She is now claiming that the Vatican has been hounding her since her husbands death, offering her 1 million dollars to reveal the location of his grave so that they can take his body. (Never mind that cemetery records are public record in Oklahoma.)

BTW, according to the survey for Rose Hill Cemetery in Broken Arrow, OK "Dr." Alberto Rivera is buried in section Moore (28) L-14 #3.

There we go, just saved the Vatican $1,000,000.

Anyway, they are keeping up their claims and still trying to push the fanciful story that Alberto was ever anything more than a con-man. They cannot prove he was a priest and often turn to the logical fallacy of demand that Catholics prove that we are NOT trying to take over the world. But, of course, you cannot prove a negative.

Alberto was a fake, perhaps he was mentally ill and sincerely believed everything he said, perhaps he did not, we will never know. But apparently there are more coming out now who knew he was a fraud and can prove it.

Donald R. Blanton, who used to work with him at AIC, sued him and won! (Rivera was famous for daring people to sue him, well, Blanton did, and Rivera could not prove a thing)

Roy Livesay also wrote a book about him, and was able to show he was a fraud as well.

Add to this the work of iconbusters and Cornerstone Magazine and Gary Dale Cearley and the evidence against Alberto is overwhelming.


Anonymous said...

So somebody has proved what? That Alberto had some baggage left over from living as a ruthless amoral jesuit for so many years?? that doesn't disprove anything - it actually backs up the claims. It would be like "disproving" the salvation and testimony of ex-hell angels biker by dragging out his prison record ... so what? What's the Big deal? a bad temper - a bounced check - and so what? The attempt to discredit Alberto won't work.

kmerian said...

Several people have proved that Alberto was not what he claimed to be. He claimed to be a priest, yet he could not read Latin. He claimed to be a Christian but he ripped people off repeatedly. And, all of this AFTER he was "saved".

Why do you believe Alberto?

Gary Dale Cearley said...

Actually, this man is thoroughly discredited. The man was so easily debunked it is sad how many people he duped in his life time. I recommend you ask your library for my book or go to your local book store. If they don't have it on stock they can order it or you can go to or Barnes & Noble and get it.

Don't go through life being a shill of a guy like Roberto Rivera. It does you absolutely no good at all.

Anonymous said...

Whatever insinuations made against Dr Rivera, i still believe in him and his exposition of the apostate church. Those used against him are sponsored by Rome. One thing we should know is that truth cannot be drowned it will always prevail. Buba-Ndjamena, Chad

kmerian said...

Mr. Cleary is not associated with the Catholic Church at all, and neither is the private investigator who investigated him, nor the author who exposed him. As a matter of fact, MISTER Rivera's biggest exposers have been his fellow protestant Christians. Mr. Rivera is a fraud plain and simple

Anonymous said...

Many people say that he (Mr.Alberto Rivera)was not a priest because they cannot believe that the true smell of Catholisism is being brought out and they cannot stand it.

kmerian said...

We smell something in regards to Alberto, but its not Catholicism.

Anonymous said...

Whatever people say against Mr. Rivera it doesn't really prove that he's a fraud or his claims. People resorted to discredit him...a tactic employed by Rome ever since. but one things is sure - no truth ever came from Rome with regard to this matter. Someone commented:Why do you believe Alberto? well, i'd like to ask also:why do you believe Rome?
BTW, is it not true as what Mr. Rivera claimed that Rome instigated the inquisition? Search the library..and you'll find the truth.
...And those 'protestant' who worked with him in AIC?? uhmm never mind..they're all phonies of Rome also.

Anonymous said...

Yo y mucha gente cree en el testimonio de Alberto Rivera, puesto que coinciden con muchos datos historicos y una sorprendente cantidad de detalles fidedignos. Un enfermo mental muy estudioso eh? Si claro, porque alguien publico un libro en su contra o el aliado del Vaticano, Billy Graham, publicó en su revista atancándolo ya lo desacreditaron. Es una falsedad.

Anonymous said...

Christ said: "A disciple is not above his teacher,nor a servant above his master. It is enough for a disciple to be like his teacher, and a servant like his master. If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more will they call those of His household! Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known." Matt 10:24-26 understand this.

Anonymous said...

Its all a conspiracy against the catholic church, sure the two billion on bying off lawsuits in childabuse cases are all made up.
All the victims NUMBERING THOUSENDS all over the globe are all lyers.

Anonymous said...

Gary Dale Cearley didn't prove anything with his books or his blogs. Gary Dale Cearley is an utter failure. Also, the other people who "exposed" Alberto were very weak including Gary Metz who is associated with United states Intelligence and is actively pushing for the overthrow of Iran's regime which is a right wing, CIA agenda. I expose all this at my web site, Alberto was a sincere Christian who once you listen to him you will know why all these attackers are out to get him. But the attacks have been very low scale. This Texan Catholic is weak and so are all the people he points to. Other wise they would have persuaded me if they had anything solid. Regardless of all this, the bottom line is CATHOLICS have destroyed this country. the puppets of Rome. Not only that they've destroyed the whole earth with all their involvement in politics, genocides, inquisitions etc etc. The only one who is mentally ill is the obese individual who runs this pathetic blog. The traitor to America. because you cant be a true catholic and an american. you can either be one or the other. an american believes and uplholds the constitution, a catholic uplholds his cult and the leaders of his cult and their cult leader the Pope who is anti christ and anti God and anti bible.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me on my english if i right something wrong.
In WWII Catolich curch have given blasings to there solders to kill.
If you red your bible it says in 10 comands Dont Kill.
Dont have any other gods maked of wood or stone ...
Thay change bible in beginig in cration of the world and in the end.
Just one qwestion if god make Adam and Eve and thay goth 2 sons Kain kill his brother and god curse him and Kain says EVERY ONE HO SEE ME CAN KILL ME OR ABUSE.
My Qwestion WHO?
When only three of them on the Erth.

Anonymous said...

A catholic Texan lied in his profile. You cannot be a catholic christian. If he was Christian, he would run from catholicism.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Dang,you Alberto worshipers are so completely brainwashed. Screw evidence let's still believe in this fraud. LOL!

What naive children.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see if anyone replying to the authors original post who are believers in Rivera were able to separate their hatred for the Church from their support of Rivera.

WHY do you believe Rivera's claims? Aside from having a vested interest in slamming the Church, what gives his claims any validity?

There's an old axiom that says great claims require great evidence. Rivera not only has no great evidence, he has no evidence whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

jesuit oath logged into congressional feb 13-15, 1913, look it up card # 66-43354. doesnt matter if rivera is fraud. catholic jesuit conspiracy of lucifer is real. read the book of revalation, kjv. the woman sitting on the seven headed beast having 10 horns is clearly stated to be a city sitting on 7 hills. only one city on the face of the planet sits on top of 7 hills, vatican city. tell me how exactly St. John, writing the book of revalation in about 95-96 a.d. would know anything about vatican city consideritering it wasnt created until roman emporer constantine created the holy roman empire in about 310 a.d. , some things are just true, even if your uninformed. may you come to know our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ before the end of your lifetime, for everyone has the same amount of time to accept truth, a lifetime!

GodsOutlaw1964 said...

Alberto Rivera was a great man whom exposed the Mother of Harlots.

Anonymous said...

wake up people. Jesus Christ is the only way. read the bible. research research and seek the truth. check the history of the roman church and find the truth yourself.

Anonymous said...

Uh its a FACT that the HOLY ROMAN CHURCH is the combination of The State and The Church.

This is the double headed eagle. Rome is still running the show even today. They do not believe in Jesus

They KILL JESUS everyday, they worship his death. Skull and crossbones is HOLY ROMAN CHURCH.

This shit is all well documented. I hope I have given someone a spark to look this up to see if its true or not ;)

James said...

Alberto claimed to be a Jesuit bishop.
OK - when was he made a bishop ? Of which diocese ?
Who consecrated Father Rivera a bishop ?
Why was he consecrated a bishop before he was 30 ?
For that to happen, he must have been dispensed from the obligation in Canon Law that requires candidates for the episcopate to attain the age of 30.
So where is the document showing that he was dispensed by the Pope ?

What was the name of the junior seminary he entered in 1942 ?
Who was the bishop of the diocese it was in ?

Every single one of these questions - and others - needs to be answered by those who say, as Chick does, that he was a Jesuit bishop. They seem unable to answer, not all, but even one of them. But these should be easy to answer, if his story is true. For his supporters to rely - as, sad to say, they do - on insults & illogic, is not remotely persuasive.

Until strong evidence is offered to the contrary, this poster can only conclude that the story attributed to Rivera is a tissue of fantasies.

Anonymous said...

Why is there an Egyptian obelisk in the middle of St Peter's square? Because Catholics worship Lucifer. Mr Rivera may or may not have been a fraud. That Catholics worship Lucifer is a fact.

Anonymous said...

"A house divided cannot stand. You cannot simultaneously do good as you do evil."

I was saved by folks far right of Pentecostal, I am now a Catholic.
Do yourself a favor before you ask us to read Revelation, look into "dispensationalism."

Jesus Christ DID NOT SAY "take this bread 'it symbolizes my body'!" He said "This is my body, this is my blood which I give up for you...this is the New and Everlasting Covenant. Do this in memory of me!"

If we Catholics are truly your enemy, then do what Jesus tells you, Love us, and pray for us.

MaryC said...

In Rivera's 'autobigraphy' he says that when his pious Catholic mother was on her death-bed, she was tormented by demons who were waiting to put her in the fires of hell for being a Catholic. His thoughts, or so he claims, were that the Church and the Sacraments were lies and the Church was unable to aid his mother in extremis. Yet in spite of his supposed disillusionment he became a priest!
Such is the hatred of certain Protestants for Christ's Church that they are willing to accept, at face value, the lies about her of any conman. In this they prove the complete bankruptcy of Protestantism since they have no love for the truth.