Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Strange behavior of the Catholic turned Anti-Catholic

Lately, in my trips around the blogosphere, I have noticed that often the most vehement Anti-Catholic, is the person who claims to have been a Catholic at one point. Searching the net and blogger, you will find numerous sites from someone who claims to have been "saved" from the Catholic church and now wants to just devote their free time to bashing it.

This is an interesting phenomenon, often these people will latch on to any and every anti-catholic theory or fanciful history, they will use "drive by" apologetics to try to make points that really do not exist (quoting one or two sentences out of context in order to make it appear Catholics claim to be greater than the scriptures or have a very dim view of them, most often).

I am not here to point fingers, but I can't help but notice that I cannot find blogs from former-Baptists-turned-Catholic, bashing the Baptist Church, or any other Protestant denomination. Truth stands to defend itself against falsehood, falsehood attacks truth. That is why Catholics are always on the defensive from those who would tear it down.


tim said...

Mark Shea comes immediately to mind. He's not exclusively anti-Protestant and says some occasionally nice things about our ability to have an active laity, but mostly his Protestant comments are antagonistic. He seems to seek out things to complain about with Protestants.

Robert Sungenis: excellent example there.

Gerry Matatics: to some extent, but these days he's directing more of his fire against fellow Catholics, as well.

Dave Armstrong: I see from his links that he's contributed to some ecumenical projects, but so much of what he writes comes across as anti-Protestant polemic, nevertheless.

I would then add a large number of the outside commentators on Catholic blogs like Shea's and Jimmy Akin's. A number of them are angry ex-Protestants.

All of this is not to say, of course, that you don't see angry ex-Catholics, too. I'm just giving you a few examples of angry ex-Protestants you were asking for.

tim said...

I would think that the reason you haven't seen the anti-Protestantism you talk about is perhaps that you're (now?) Catholic, and we always notice the behavior of people opposing us more easily than we do "our" people opposing them. It's understandable human nature.