Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tony Alamo

After a few hit and run comments by Thomas Richards over at I realized by reading his site that he is a disciple of Tony Alamo and Alberto Rivera. I have already discussed Alberto, and the fact that he has been completely discredited (even by people who agree with him!) and so we will look at Tony Alamo.

Thomas has done pages and videos about his time with Tony Alamo, but his defenses of Alamo are vague. Alamo is a pedophile (interesting that Thomas bashes the Church about the sex scandal, but he is a proud follower of a pedophile!)

Two of Alamo's wives, were just 13 and 11 when he "married" them. And of course, he denies it, apparently in his world bearing false witness is ok if it keeps your butt out of jail.

But, in reading about some of the people who left, it is not Thomas' fault. Alamo is very good at being two-faced, he and Susan act in such a way that most people have no idea about how truly evil this man is. That is why his motto is "receive not an accusation against an elder."

I pray for everyone under the spell of this false Christ. He is a man of great evil.

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T said...

Kenneth, I left off supporting Alamo as soon as it was verified he was a criminal child abuser. Why haven't you stopped supporting the Catholic "church" after the verified thousands of cases have come to light? Instead i have noticed a lot of activity online by you continuing to justify predatory pedo priests and make excuses for them.
And then here you are at the same time having blogs attacking Alberto Rivera. Was it ever alleged that Alberto abused children? You're obviously way off in your balancing judgment and justice. I've seen also your comparison of priests who sexually molest children vs Public School teachers. That is the worst comparison someone can make. First of all there are thousands more public schools with public school teachers than priests who have access to children. This comparison you make links directly to your agenda to smear the deceased Alberto Rivera and totally destroys your credibility as an honest and neutral reporter. Not to mention that you are also a Knight of Columbus which swear upon an Oath to serve the Pope rather than the Constitution which are forever and inevitably at odds. you are the perfect example of why there were laws against Catholics serving in Politics. All this does is strengthen me in my position that is expressed on my web site @