Sunday, July 22, 2007

Did the Church keep the Bible from the People?

On the comments section of another blog. Someone made the "point" that if the Catholic Church gave us the scriptures why did it kill people for owning it in their language?

This, of course, is an old anti-catholic myth. I disagree that the Catholic Church kept the Bible away from the people. The church protected it, defined it, canonized it. The New Testament you have in your hand, you can thank Pope Damasius and the 382AD council of Rome for. Throughout the middle ages and rennissance, if a man was educated, he could read and write latin. Up into this century, Catholic children were taught Latin from an early age. If the church was trying to hide the scriptures, why would they teach people the language needed to read them? Also the first Bibles in languages other than latin were Catholic. And the church routinely allowed printing them in languages other than latin (the first book printed on a press was a Catholic Bible in German).

Hope this clears some things up.

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