Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jesus NOT the messiah.

This startling assertion comes from the Rev. John Hagee of Cornerstone church. Christianity has held for years that Jesus is the Messiah. John Hagee claims he is not. The Rev Hagee has crossed into complete heresy with these statements. See it in his own words:

It is time for all Christians to anathematize this heretic. He has denied the Christ, we should pray for his repentance.


Anonymous said...

He (and everyone else who believes in Premillinialism) is waiting with anticipation for the antichrist to come and rebuild the temple in Jerusalem and re-establish the animal sacrifices. It is very sad that so many will burn calves and goats to the antichrist when he comes, erroneously thinking he is Jesus.

Jason said...


I knew he had been going on about Jes not needing to be come Christians for several years but Jesus not coming as the Messiah is a new one.

I think this decline is a text book example of the twin dangers of over enthusiasm for eschatological novelties and letting your politics inform your theology.