Thursday, October 11, 2007

The "tightrope" of some Protestants.

Over at "Beggars All", Carrie is once again trying to show that Catholic notions of Salvation are false and legalistic. Of course, the implicit point is that their brand of Christianity is not legalistic. In my apologetics online I have discovered that there is a real tightrope that they feel a christian must walk.

Catholics are constantly accused of doing "too much" or "adding to" what (they interpret as) God's plan.

But simply having faith (faith alone) apparently is not enough. It must be a "saving faith", but keeping in mind what they say about "adding to" that creates a problem.

We apparently, in order to be saved, must add enough to our faith to turn it into "saving faith" without over doing it and adding too much. Hence the tightrope. It appears that the evangelical is always walking a fine line, trying to do just enough to be saved without overdoing it and thus being damned. That is a very difficult target to hit.


pilgrim said...

Could you please explain what you meant by, "We apparently, in order to be saved, must add enough to our faith to turn it into "saving faith" without over doing it and adding too much."? ANd also how you came up with the idea?

I'm not sure what you mean by that. The statement sounds nothing like anything I believe or have read from Carrie.


E i E said...

It truly is a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" religion.

Nice blog by the way.

E i E

kmerian said...

What I meant was that the impression I get from many protestant sites is that many churches don't do enough to ensure the salvation of their flocks. But those same sites will accuse Catholics of "adding to" the work of Christ.

So apparently you can do too little, but you can also do too much.

Hence the tightrope.

pilgrim said...

I still don't know where you get the idea from--especially with the link you give.

How do we add faith, as you write?
Saving faith is soemthing you have or don't have--no tightrope.

Perhaps you are confusing justification with sanctification?
I don't know.

E i E said...


What must Kmerian do to be saved?

pilgrim said...

I'll aswer that question if kmerian asks.

Coming from you, based on comments I've seen by you on various blogs it sounds like a trick question, and I wonder at your sincerity in asking. It smells like a trap. But hey, if kmerian asks--I'll answer.

kmerian said...

Ok, I'll ask, what must one do to be saved, in your estimation?

Anonymous said...

He's going to say that one has to be chosen in a dice roll before the world was created.