Monday, October 01, 2007

What is an "Anti-Catholic"?

Recently, over at "Beggars all", Carrie accused me of saying that everyone who disagrees with Catholicism is an "anti-catholic zealot" who "harbors an irrational fear or hatred" of Catholics.

I do not throw around the phrase "Anti-Catholic" lightly. I equate it with racism, sexism and extremist fundamentalism.

An example of a "anti-catholic" is Eric Phelps his bigoted rantings against Catholics go to the point of calling for their "righteous execution".

Most Protestants are misinformed, what they know about Catholicism comes from well meaning but equally uninformed pastors, who draw their information from the likes of Hislop (in the case of Tim LaHaye) or Boettner (a la John MacArthur). Now, go into any Catholic bookstore or any apologetics website and you will see these books and many other refuted many times over. I do not consider these men "anti catholics", now if they have read the Catholic position and dismiss it because it is not what they want to believe, then yes, they would be considered anti catholic, but I know neither of these men, so I will not make that determination.


pilgrim said...

The problem with throwing around "anti-Catholic" is that it is often applied to Protestants who merely say what they believe and perhaps differentiate it from RCism. I've been called an anti-Catholic becasue I dared explain historic Protestant beliefs in a forum that had some Roman Catholic visitors. I didn't mention RCism, I just explained Protestant teaching. So it is an over-used & abused term. I can see if you use it for someone like Jack Chick. He seems to make stuff out of nothing. Or makes a lot out of a little if he can twist it into "proof" of a RC conspiracy.

And for the record I am not ignorant of RC teachings, having been raised in RCism. I have studied it from within, and was quite sincere.

Unlike some former RC's I do not hold a grudge against it (And neither do the vast majority of former RC's I know.) I mention that because opften that is a response I get. When a RC realizes I do know what I'm talking about, (we may disagree on nuances), I get accused of having a grudge. I don't.

I primarily get into these discussions to defend or teach Protestant teachings.

kmerian said...

And, I would not call you an anti-Catholic. You are a non-catholic. The phrase "Anti-Catholic" is way overused in some circles.

pilgrim said...

Thank you on both counts, although to many Roman Catholics I am a "Non-practicing Catholic", and a case could be made for that based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

But if someone has to categorize me in regards to ROman Catholicism, "Non-Catholic" or "Former Catholic" will do.