Thursday, June 19, 2008

Did Pope John Paul II attend Bilderberg?

According to many websites Pope John Paul II attended the Bilderberg Conference in Portugal in 1999. But did he?

According to World Net Daily, in 1999 Pope John Paul was to attend the Bilderberg Conference in Sintra, Portugal. However, there are no indications he ever did. The Bilderberg's were meeting from June 3-6th. but where was the Pope:

On June 3rd?
On the evening of June 3rd, the Pope gave a homily to the crowd in St Peters Square marking the Feast of Corpus Christi.

On June 4th?
He attended the opening of the 14th plenary assembly of the Pontifical Council for the Family and the Meeting for reflection on the theme "The Paternity of God and Paternity in the Family" Later that day, in the Vatican he recieved and met with the ambassador of the Gabonese Republic to the Holy See.

On June 5th?
In the morning, the Pope arrives in Gdansk, Poland to begin a pastoral visit there.
Later in the day, he celebrates a Mass there.

On June 6th?
The Pope is still in Poland and delivers three more addresses

So, it is safe to say, the Pope never attended Bilderberg.


Crazy for Canada said...

Hi, that's very interesting. Thanks for the research. I think people are concerned that the last two Popes may have attended Bilderberg because (1) Bilderberg is a think-tank and indoctrination facility in preparation for world-government. There is evidence to believe that this is to be communist world government. (2) Cliff Kincaid at USA Survival is doing some very good research on the current Pope's promotion of a world government, and the Church's covert financial backing for anti-Catholic, pro-Communist actitivites in the USA. You might enjoy his web site, and wish to contribute your research to him. Every ray of light is absolutely necessary to get the facts straight:

Kathleen Moore
The Official Legal Challenge
To North American Union

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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