Monday, June 16, 2008

More Fanciful Anti-Catholic history

A man by the name of Keith Thomas has made his own film and put it up on YouTube. It "details" the "illuminati's" plan to take over the world. It also offers a new twist, that the evil "illuminati" Freemasons are slowly infiltrating the Vatican. Now, he never explains whether or not he believes that the Church is slowly becoming masonic or that the Masons are slowly becoming Catholic. Anyway, it is based on lousy history and histrionics from people like Lorraine Boettner, Jack Chick, Alberto Rivera, Alexander Hislop and others.

Like many anti-Catholics, Mr. Thomas shows that he will believe anything anti-catholic, even when shown the truth, he will stick to his version before he would admit being wrong. There is a reason "Pride" is one of the seven deadly sins.

For example, in his videos, he shows two photos of "Catholics" in the Bohemian Grove:

Now, this photo looks like a Catholic Ritual of some kind. Now, here is the real photo:

Notice something vastly different? Well, the source for the cropped photo is the photobucket account of tlthe5th, who is none other than our old friend Thomas from Spiritually "Smart" dot com. Now, I don't know if Thomas was duped or if he did it on purpose. But, the fact is, that it is obvious it isn't any kind of Catholic ritual. According to the pictures source, it is part of a Play done in 1927 on the Life of St. Francis. But, if it is anti-catholic, it must be true, right?

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first part of a series exposing the dark dealings going on within the vatican