Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The False Story of "Sister Charlotte"

Sean, over at "Sean's Faith Website" has already done an excellent expose on this fake nun. I would just like to add some to his research.

Charlotte Keckler was a pseudonym used by a woman who traveled the country in the 60's, 70's and 80's claiming to have "escaped" from a Carmelite Convent. However, she never names this convent, just that it is "foreign". But in reading her story it is interesting to note that in this country everyone speaks English. England, possibly, but I was unable to locate any Carmelite convents in England. It could not be Canada because she states that part of her journey home was on a ship.

A "pastor" by the name of Reckart put up a website defending this one and giving his proof. His proof is her Social Security Death record:

NameBirthDeathLast ResidenceLast BenefitSSNIssuedToolsOrder
CHARLOTTE KECKLER 12 Apr 1898Sep 198394558 (Napa, Napa, CA)(none specified)261-58-5764FloridaSS-5 Letter
Add Post-em
Click here to order a copy of the original record

According to the Social Security Number Decoder, we know that this SSN was issued in Florida in 1951. "Sister" Charlotte's testimony never mentions her living in Florida. That also raises the issue of where was she between 1898 and 1951? Turning to what we do know, thanks to Rootsweb, we can see her death record as well:

Results 1-1 of 1
Last NameFirst NameMiddleBirth DateMother MaidenFather LastSexBirth PlaceDeath PlaceResidenceDeath DateSSNAgePost-emsOrder
09/28/1983 261-58-5764 85 yrs AddOrder a copy of the original certificate from

This gives us a little more info. But a search of the Iowa census at Heritage Quest does not reveal a Charlotte Keckler in Iowa at all in 1900, 1910 or 1920. Neither does it show her (alleged) brother John or sister Connie. So it appears the name she gave in death is as fictitious as her life. Add this to Sean's research and it can safely be said this woman was a fraud.


Rosamundi said...

There are several Carmelite convents in the UK - 15 (I think) in England, 4 in Scotland, and 1 in Wales. Several of them were in existence at the time that "Sister Charlotte" was alleged to be being held captive and tortured. However, other aspects of the story do not gel with this mysterious overseas convent being in England.

kmerian said...

Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...
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kmerian said...

You say her story is real, yet admit that you have not done the research? But instead insult me? I admit in my post that my research is just a supplement to the work of others and is to be taken as such.

"Sister" Charlotte obviously lied about many parts of her background. That her story is in line with someones interpretation of the Bible is IRRELEVANT.

If you want to be crazy enough to post your cell number on the internet, I won't stop you. But I stand by my research and that of my source which can be seen here:

Anonymous said...

I would just say, if you are so sure she made it up perhaps your daughter would like to join the order and then if she escapes maybe you would then believe Sister Charlotte.

kmerian said...

I would be proud if my daughter was called to be a Carmelite, I have known a few and that is why I know this story to be completely false. Her bio is also clearly false as attested to by her SSN and the fact that she lied about her upbringing.

Anonymous said...

My dear friend, I am saddened by your alligence to that church system, can you not see that the church is the very beast that Revelations speaks of

Listen to the word of God,
REV 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

Her days are numbered.. do not be numbered with her as the rulers of this world have

REVELATION 18:9 And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning,

REVELATION 18:10 Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.

I truly hope this will waken you to the reality of the deception of the church, All church systems are of the Devil, not the people but the systems, come out of it go back to the truth.. go back to the WORD of God. Do not accept any man made creeds or Dogmas but look into God's word, and listen to the messanger for your day, William Branham is that messanger.
I hope this will open someone's eyes.
Take care

rootie said...

I guess next you will tell us that the inquisition never happened. Oh well, you Catholics do such a gret job of covering up... the tricks go on and on.

kmerian said...

Of course the inquisition happened, but Charlotte Keckler, whoever she was, was never a nun. Your opinions about Catholics don't change that.

Anonymous said...

Remember that the name she used was a PSEUDONYM, not her REAL NAME. That means whatever Charlotte Keckler you are referring to in public records is not the same woman, public records would have her true name, which we don't know as we only know who she is by her pseudo name.

kmerian said...

Actually, "Charlotte Wells" was the pseudonym she employed. She claimed her real name was Charlotte Keckler, and her supporters use that Social Security number as proof of her identity.

The problem is that prior to that record being issued in 1951, there is no record of this woman, anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Whatever her real name, the woman is giving her true testimony. She converted to the Apostolic faith later and was filled with the Holy Ghost, and went on several church circuits telling what happened to her. If it saves one unknowing soul from going through the literal hell she went through, than thank you God. I know some have a hard time grasping the truths this woman testified to, but that doesn't do away with the fact that they are true. I'm sure many wouldn't have believed the countless stories out now about Catholic priests molesting children either.

Anonymous said...

And not only countless stories, but the actual court cases about priests molesting children. This stuff is coming to light, I believe God is revealing things and the true nature of the system of the Roman Catholic Church in this last day. Did you know in Indianopolis and Pittsburg they found the remains of infants/infants skulls, etc. at the sites of old convents when excavating for new construction?

kmerian said...

You have no way of knowing if this womans story is true or not. Saying it is true because you want it to be is not proof in and of itself. That she went on church circuts and speaking tours, means nothing. There have been many people who have duped others in the name of religion (ever hear of Jim Jones?).

There is a difference between the molestation cases and Sister charlotte, there is proof in the molestation cases. Names, dates, physical evidence, all the things missing in the "Sister Charlotte" case.

You claim Charlotte Keckler was not her real name, in other words, you admit she lies about her identity, that does not really set up her credibility if the first words she speaks are lies, does it?

Also, her testimony is full of inaccuracies and outright lies about Catholicism (that Catholics can lie if it is to defend the church, that Catholics can steal up to $40 and not consider it a sin). Those are outright lies.

Finally, I would like to see your source material for the "infant skulls" in Pittsburg and Indianapolis at the site of old convents. I seriously doubt them. I did a google search and could find NOT ONE story.

Back it up please.

Anonymous said...

Wow,what an incredible story. If this story is false then she has quite an imagination. Who is able to make up a story that long and detailed? Similar to the RCC, if the RCC is the true church, then she is exceedingly wicked and belongs in the deepest part of hell. If the RCC is not the true church then it is an abomination before a Holy God and the greatest enemy of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ who alone has the power to save (Rom 1:16).

kmerian said...

Yes, it is long, but sorely lacking in detail. What is her real name? Where is the convent, what is its name? Her story is a lie, plain and simple, anyone who reads it who knows anything about the real Catholic Church knows it is false.

Anonymous said...

If someone changes their name, it would be for the safety of themselves and/or their family, among other reasons. With the content of her story in mind, I wouldn't want to give my name or real names and/or locations either. If the story is true, it would be to her detriment to give actual names. If the story is false, then she would need to explain why she would go through the trouble and time to get the story to people with girls in these convents? If she hated the RCC, and wanted to disparage them, then why was the story focused on the girls mistreatment and not on, say, "the evils of the Holy RCC"? I really believe if we took a listen to her testimony, understanding that we must pray to God for the opening of our hearts to know truth and what is fraudulent. God is not a God of secrecy, as evidenced by the Holy Scriptures. Instead of defending religions and people, we ought to take the time and read the Holy Bible from cover to cover. Jesus, when tempted by Satan said, "It is written..." In other words, Jesus, from a child read the scriptures of the patriarchs and prophets. If the Son of God took the time to read prophecies concerning himself, then who are we to NOT read the Bible? Yet, we take the time to defend a religion? Focus on researching and studying the Bible with prayer. Trust me, God WILL answer your prayer to know truth. This is His universe. He will not turn down the earnest petition of one of His precious creatures. Be Blessed. It seems as if you intend on finding and discovering truth about this story. Don't give up until all is revealed on this story.

kmerian said...

What would she have to fear? Take Richard Bennett over at Bearean Beacon. Former Priest, he still uses his real name, where he went to Seminary, when, where he served and when, etc.

The story was based on the girls "mistreatments" because that draws the crouds, lets face it, sex and violence sell. But she also tells bold faced lies about Catholic beliefs, such as that Catholics are allowed to steal up to $40, or that Catholics are allowed to lie under certain circumstances. Those are bigoted lies and proof she was no Catholic.

You are right, God is not a God of secrecy, so you have to ask yourself why Charlotte was so secretive? I have read the Bible, cover to cover, and God has led me to the truth, that this woman is a liar.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your unexpectedly quick response to this fairly dated post. However, I didn't mean the "truth" about Sister Charlotte found by reading the Bible. Reading the Bible won't prove or disprove anything about Sister Charlotte. Rather, reading the Bible will produce a change in character that is like Christ's. Reading the Bible will allow a person access to God's ideal for man, showing that person real accounts of actual events that are consistent with World History. In turn, reading how God responded to those people, gives us a good indication of what He approves or disproves of. Take your pick: any account in the Bible is always a testament as to how God feels about us. Yes, indeed, that is how much He has cared for this fallen world. There is no guessing as to what God feels about how we should treat Him, as well as our fellow man.

The apostles said that we should follow in the example of Christ. How can we dare assume that everyone opposed to our view of the world is wrong and heretical? Is that the way Christ handled His accusers? Please don't take this as a scolding to your post. I would have rather seen a detailed response to sister charlotte's claims, because I actually listened to it before coming across this post. If someone accuses your denomination of something and you are trying to defend it, be prepared to ask the tough questions and ask a lot of "why is this or that so". Don't leave out anything, for you don't want to be accused of hiding information either... Just a suggestion.

As a truth-seeker unbiased by religious affiliation, I am seeking the truth as found in the Word of God, who made the heavens and the earth. The only true faith on this planet is that which honors God like Jesus did. Everything He did, gives us a blueprint on which to model our lives after.

To be quite truthful, I was quite disturbed to hear sister charlotte's testimony, and could only think of my teenage daughter that I love so much. I could only tell you that I was almost in tears as I listened. However, before deeming her a fraud, I would like to look at both sides completely. I would have to do my own research and see if there is any validity to her testimony.


My brother, I believe you desire to seek truth out of whatever you believe. I believe you've researched all your beliefs and not just believed them out of loyalty to a particular denomination. I know you've considered Jim Jones and how he had hundreds of people following him to death. Yet, they would've cursed you to your face for saying anything contrary to what he said. Instead of reading the Bible for themselves, they allowed someone (another human) to tell them what the scriptures say and mean. Ultimately, they still had access to the real scriptures, as we all do as free-willed individuals on this planet.

Feel free to contact me. I will keep checking back to see your reply.

Be Blessed my friend. Christ Loves You and So Do I !! : )

Catherine said...

Whether anyone believes these events occurred is irrelevant, the point of her presentation is to provide a testimony at the very least of 1) how God reached into her life 2) exposed her to true Biblical Doctrine and 3) allowed her to share this truth with others.

The fact is, and my be thoroughly researched by anyone, that the Catholic church has changed Biblical doctrine throughout the ages. Take a look at what they did to baptism. They changed the baptismal 'formula' the Apostles used as well as the age of the candidate from being at an age of knowledge to being an infant 8-days old. These the Catholic church introduced beginning in about the 4th Century AD under Constantine and true Biblical doctrine under this system has been falling away ever since.

The Bible warns us in Deuteronomy and in Revelation that we are not to add to nor take away from the Word of God. If we believe what John 1:1 says, we can understand that any deviation from the word is also and must be a deviation from God.

Jesus came not to establish a religion, nor overthrow a government (as the Jews thought), but to establish a relationship with you and I. We can know this path by reading the one book in the Bible which was written so that the lost would know how to become born again, as instructed by Jesus in John 3.

By the Word you can know false teaching and false prophets. Get in the Word and know for yourself for by it you and I will be judged!

Timothy W. Doney said...

You have to be kidding me, trying to "Expose" a woman who's dead. Thats almost as ruthless as trying to hang her while she's in the grave. I will just type some things out that Caught my attention.

Ok Lets establish the time frame again, 1898 to 1951..When Charlotte was a teen about the age of 16 1/2.. 1914 lets say she enters the Convent. (NOW LETS BE REMINDED SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS WERE NOT AROUND AT THE TIME THEY CAME NOVEMBER 1936. 22 years after Charlotte was 14.. which would have made her about 36 years old herself. I dont think Charlotte was 60 years old when she excaped from the Convent. I believe maybe she was in her 30's. Also, Roman Catholics Kept all the Birth Records and they had their own Census records of the communities that you cant simply find in Sorry im just stating the woman was a Roman Catholic, the records would be in the community she lived in and not on the internet.
(I study Geneology I know what I'm talking about)
note in the testimony these words:
"And so now all identification of who Charlotte was is going to be put away, it'll be taken away from me. And if you knew me and would come to the convent and call for my family name they'd tell you there isn't such a person as that. I don't exist. Even though I'm right there, because I'm writing under another name."

I also want to know where anyone Mentions Canada or England.. I never hear Charlotte mentioning any forein Place, accept for Old Mexico where the Lime Pits were and Are if you google them. Remember this woman has not really a clue where she is its in the early 1900's and she is promised a high School Education and College Education if she joines the Convent. If she didnt have the High School Education where would she know where she was at? This was a secret ordeal, im sure they didnt let everyone know where this convent was because there would be questions on where peoples daughters were if they never went home.
I am so strongly in disagreement with the Roman Catholic Church, I have 2 ancestor's who were young boys who both died in Roman Catholic Boarding Schools, one was pushed down a flight of stairs but no action was taken against a priest but yet the situation was covered up. The other starved todeath. This is a serious matter during this Time Period the people couldnt just dispute the Roman Catholic Church.
The Testimony has more Credibility then the "Expose" Theory that you came up with. Charlotte is not the only one letting the world know about these situations, many Teen boys came forth, other Nun's told of the Lime pits.. The church is not the same as it was, alot of things had happened to change it from being how it was. the church was EXPOSED!!
I simply find this pathetic to trying to expose a woman who spent most of her young adult life surving a Corrupt church, but I find it amazing how she found Salvation in the end not through a church or its religion but through Christ Jesus and him Alone.

kmerian said...

Timothy, thank you for your comments, first of all, the woman being dead, does not grant her story immediate credibility. It is false now and it was false then.

Every 10 years the US Government takes the official census, (being familiar with genealogy you should know this) EVERYONE was counted, Catholics did not do their own counts, nor were they exempt from the census. Charlotte was born in 1898, that means she should have been listed as a 2 year old in the 1900 census, and a 12 year old in the 1910, however, she is in neither, interestingly enough, neither are either of her siblings.

Also, she states in her "testimony" that when she escaped from the convent she was in a foreign country (since everyone speaks English, we must assume it is an English speaking foreign country such as England or Canada) She even states friends helped her get a visa to return to the US.

She admits she uses a pseudonym, but then claims she "is afraid of no one". She sounds like those guys that con girls by claiming to work for the CIA, and they say if you call the CIA to confirm, the CIA has to deny it. The denial becomes proof. It's a con game.

I don't know who Charlotte Keckler was, but she made a living claiming to be something she was not. Her ignorance of the Carmelites, the Catholic Church, and Catholics in general, betrays her there. Like Maria Monk, she was a fraud.

Anonymous said...

The California death index shows that Charlotte Edna Keckler was born in Iowa in April 1898 and that her mother's maiden name was Triggs. The Iowa marriages index at lists a Cora Belle Triggs marrying a William Cackler or Caekler in 1898. The 1900 census shows this family in Clarke county, Iowa and they did have a daughter born in April 1898. Her name was listed as Edna in 1900. This family lived in Kansas during the 1910-1930 censuses, and her name as listed as Rhoda Cackler, Cacler, and Keckler. Assuming this is the same person, and it probably is, her story can't be true because she was supposed to have been trapped in a convent from 1911-1933, not living in Hiawatha, Kansas working at a hospital and as a bookkeeper as the censuses show.

g said...

There is a group of satan worshippers called 'the brotherhood' that has set up churches posing as Christian churches even in recent years. Perhaps some such organization or an organized crime group like the mafia has infiltrated the Catholic church in the past and established convents.

mfb said...

I helped publish the book Charlotte wrote, FROM CONVENT TO PENTECOST. She was in a convent in Quebec, Canada. Charlotte WAS a Carmelite nun. She would not say it was in Canada during her testimony. But it was.

Mica Joiner said...
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Mica Joiner said...

The Catholic Church is the largest Christian church in the world. The Catholic Church helps more people then any church in the world! The Nuns at convents all over the world take care of many people that other religions would not even look at. St. Peter did build the church for Jesus and, the Catholic Church always has been and always will be the strongest Christian Religion of all time. Why? Because, God himself looks over it. Satan has always tried his best to cause the down fall of the Catholic church and, why would he not...To those outside of the Catholic Church, I would like to say, believe as you wish, think what you would like...the Devil has tried this way of putting doubt in the minds of people about the Catholic Church in the same way time and time again! Why do Catholics not listen?....We know the TRUTH..

Chiedu said...

Freemasons have hosptials!

Blood thirsty muslims have hospitals!

The catholic church has so much blood on it's hands!

Blood of Pope John Paul I, it killed!

Blood of protestants, blood of men that tried to translate the bible into english!

The blood of people it leads astray!

Mayumi said...
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Lyka said...

I believed in what she said but i think it happened long time ago...
It says that she was born on 1898 and enter in convent at 1910 and get to escaped there at 1945.

I believe in what she said i think that really happened. But i think it happened when people are still giving brutal punishment for those who have sinned , wether it is in church or in a monarchy.

I love reading stories/history of the fast and i've read some stories where people are being punished brutally.

So i think it happened with those years... where the convent are still strict.

And i think that they don't do that now...

nuns now are allowed to walked in the street and use computer hehe.

Good for them that they was not born on those years

Mayumi said...

there are some story about those nun's who have tried to escape in convent....

:) it all happen during 18th century till 19 century

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I am not submitted to an Unholy Godhead...leaders of Inquistions, money launderers, serial child rape, Native American Genocides and linked to Bosnia/Croatian genocide and the Holocaust...what does it take to see your so called "GodHead" is EVIL?

Anonymous said...

You better watch "The Magdalene Sisters".

Also check this sites:

According to ex-Jesuit priest Dr. Alberto Rivera, bodies of babies were found in Madrid, Spain, in 1932, and in Seville, Spain, in 1934. The governments of President Aznar and Manuel Azana demanded a national investigation of all Catholic monasteries, nunneries and church buildings in Spain.

Of course the Spanish Civil War started soon after the investigation began!!

Anonymous said...

I met a man from Canada about 10 years ago who told me that a childhood friend who had become a Roman Catholic priest had offered him a nun to sleep with and it had severely affected his faith. He was still disturbed by it when he told me about it.

Anonymous said...

It is very sad that people pretend to speak God's truth with seeds of hatred rising from their voices. All Christians should know that Jesus challenged us many times on the weakness of OUR faith, not that of others. Condemning any others' faith is the sin of hubris, the sin that felled angels. Let us not imitate that sun.

Anonymous said...

Another Anon., sorry.
I hear gnats and camels, and the whistle of stones thrown unjustly.
Thrice did Jesus ask pPeter, do you love me? And what said Jesus on Peters reply? How does your testimony fit with these words, bro.anon.?

Anonymous said...

Then, those Freemasons and Muslims are beloved by Jesus-His words not mine. They care for the least of His people. How dare we exalt ourselves before Him? Simply listen to his words, and realize how far we are from perfection.

Megan said...

Does it not bother anyone that the pope has a butler, a cook numerous servants, Jesus, and his apostles
Had no second pair of shoes, that was the seduces
Position, unimaginable wealth. Jesus said poverty and not the church was his bride, the bible was bang on, scarlet robes and purple gowns, leave this satanic establishment, even priests are leaving by the droves, admitting the Vatican has been taken over by Satan
Even cArdinals are scared to death. Them only people working in Rome are people looking for careers under, the pretence, this is indeed, the Antichrists
Home, everyone knows it. What happened when the devil tempted Jesus with wealth? He declined, why the hell would he accept it now, seeing the Vatican is one of if not the richest institution in the world, who have funded numerous wars, under the guise of a thin thin charity veneer
Just look up the scandle with the Vatican bank? How right Jesus was, the have eyes, the have ears, still they neither see nor hear!

Sanen said...

Catholic church is about money,power,politics and best manipulations ever. That is enough evidence for me not to trust them.

Masters of coverup and hush hush.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. I believe this is a false testament. I want to be a nun and you have helped. God bless you!

Vatican Rome said...

you are a liar.

Melissa Orruego said...

I think her story is true, but I don't think all Roman Catholics were or are like that. There have been many in many Christian faiths who pervert the work and treat other people as those own personal slaves. It seems to me that she was in 2 different convents. At one point in time she said that she became a Carmelite nun. Which would indicate that she was moved. Also the church teaches that suffering purifies the soul and went to the trouble of baptizing the babies first, before they killed them. Also, it seems that Canada would be a logical place for this type of thing to happen as taking a ship from certain parts of the country would be logical. I think that some twisted priests and nuns got out of control and did some horrible things. I don't think all convents were or are like this. We have some wonderful Christian examples of Catholic people through the ages such as Mother Teresa. Jesus himself said that there would be wolves in sheep's clothing and to let the wheat grow with the tares. While one may disagree with the Catholic Church and even think that it is the Whore in Reve. It is not right to judge the Catholic people. God has many people in every church and place and one day when He is ready he will call them out of whatever system of worship they are involved in if it is false. But I would encourage all of you to read your Bibles and ask God for truth, His truth and even if this story is true or false not to judge.

Melissa Orruego said...

Anonymous, why did you post a false number?

Rob said...

Whether we can prove "Charlotte" existed as provable or not, sine she was a minor when she went into apostasy. We know rome is apostate and Daniel & Revelation prove the papacy the seat of antichrist. Either also sounds VERY similar to the inquisition reports, so I do not put it past rome. The issue is rome falsely taking on two words: Catholic & Christian. Either way..she is the harlot in Revelation..

Rob said...

Whether we can prove "Charlotte" existed as provable or not, sine she was a minor when she went into apostasy. We know rome is apostate and Daniel & Revelation prove the papacy the seat of antichrist. Either also sounds VERY similar to the inquisition reports, so I do not put it past rome. The issue is rome falsely taking on two words: Catholic & Christian. Either way..she is the harlot in Revelation..

Rob said...

Whether we can prove "Charlotte" existed as provable or not, sine she was a minor when she went into apostasy. We know rome is apostate and Daniel & Revelation prove the papacy the seat of antichrist. Either also sounds VERY similar to the inquisition reports, so I do not put it past rome. The issue is rome falsely taking on two words: Catholic & Christian. Either way..she is the harlot in Revelation..

Rob said...

Whether we can prove "Charlotte" existed as provable or not, sine she was a minor when she went into apostasy. We know rome is apostate and Daniel & Revelation prove the papacy the seat of antichrist. Either also sounds VERY similar to the inquisition reports, so I do not put it past rome. The issue is rome falsely taking on two words: Catholic & Christian. Either way..she is the harlot in Revelation..

Rob L. said...
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Rob L. said...
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whitenurse said...

I listened to her "testimony" and what jumped out at me is the way the woman speaks - without taking a breath. I have seen this before in the mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

I listened to sister charlotte's yesterday and was appalled and wondered if it was true. She finished her testimony with a powerful testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ leaving me no doubt to the legitimacy of what she was sharing. If one studies the traditions of the catholic church, one will find how they took the idols,traditions,celebrations from the Babylon pagan system. Rev warns about the 'women who rides the beast. and the relious system she represents. God's word tells us to 'come out of her lest you suffer her plagues and destruction'.Presently we are witnessing the pope resign over child abuses,genicide,child trafficking, and a host of other 'sins'. It is ONLY the Blood of Jesus Christ and His resurrection that can save you.'For by grace are you saved through faith in Christ Jesus,not of works,lest any should boast,it is a gift of God.

Trish Farland said...

Listening to her she doesn't sound at all Catholic to me. She sounds so false like a person who has been coached. She makes a few mistakes which a real nun wouldn't make, like saying she was a little novitiate instead of the correct word nun would make that mistake. She keeps saying Roman Catholic ...nuns and most Catholics refer to themselves as Catholic only.

Anonymous said...

i think this is true for Some Catholic Priests Sexually Abuse Nuns,
Sometimes to Avoid HIV Infection, Reports Say
Nuns around the world have suffered sexual abuse by priests, sometimes resulting in pregnancy and abortion, but church leaders have "fail[ed]... to discipline" the clerics involved, the New York Times reports. According to five reports written by senior members of women's religious orders and a priest, cases of sexual abuse against nuns have been reported in at least 23 countries. In one report, Sister Maura O'Donohue, a physician and a member of the Medical Missionaries of Mary, wrote that women were "forced" by priests into sexual liaisons in order to obtain certificates or recommendations needed for work in a diocese. O'Donohue also recorded cases where nuns were "recommend[ed]" by priests to take contraception, sometimes being told that oral contraceptives would prevent the transmission of HIV. The report included "disturbing" accounts of nuns impregnated by priests, including one case in Malawi where 29 sisters in one congregation became pregnant by priests in the diocese. Another example explained the case of a nun who became pregnant by a priest and was brought by that priest to a Catholic health institution to undergo an abortion. After the nun died during the procedure, the priest performed her funeral mass, O'Donohue wrote (Hedges, New York Times, 3/21). The National Catholic Reporter said that "no comprehensive statistics" exist on the sexual abuse of nuns, but the "frequency and consistency of the reports ... point to a problem that needs to be addressed" (AP/Washington Times, 3/21).
Vatican Response
The authors of the reports noted that church leaders often failed to punish or reprimand priests for incidents of abuse. In her report, O'Donohue wrote that while the priests involved in sexual incidents were "usually given mild reprimands," the nuns were often "forced out of the order." And when one superior general "complained" to an archbishop about incidents of sexual abuse, she was replaced. Rev. Robert Vitillo, executive director of the United States Bishops Campaign for Human Development, wrote in a 1994 report, "I myself have heard the tragic stories of religious women who were forced to have sex with the local priest or with a spiritual counselor who insisted that this activity was 'good' for the both of them. Frequently, attempts to raise these issues with local and international church authorities have met with deaf ears" (New York Times, 3/21). The Vatican yesterday "acknowledged" the reports, but added that the incidents of sexual abuse are "restricted to a certain geographic area," without clarification (Reuters/Washington Post, 3/21). Vatican spokesperson Joaquin Navarro-Valls said, "Work is being done both on the training of people and the resolution of individual cases" (New York Times, 3/21). He added, however, that "[s]ome negative cases cannot let us forget the often heroic faith expressed by the large majority of those men and women in religious orders and of the clergy" (Mangan, New York Post, 3/21).

Anonymous said...

“You shall have no other gods before Me."

4 “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.

You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, 6 but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments."
(Exodus 20:3-5)

"If you love Me, keep My commands."
(John 14:15)

"Don't worship God with lies and idolatry. For God is Spirit" (John 4:23-24)

(2 Tim 3:16)

Anonymous said...

If you seem offended,

"Do not re-write the truth about the Bible and life, just to accommodate your own desires."

"Do not add to His words, or He will rebuke you and prove you a liar."
(prov 30:6)


"Let their lying lips be silenced, for with pride and contempt they speak arrogantly against the righteous." (Psalm 31:18)

"I, the Lord, created disaster..."
(isaiah 45:7)

romanreb said...

May God have mercy on these pathetic, deluded heathens whose only business is to persecute Christ and his Bride, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church instituted by him the night he was betrayed! Their ignorance is so profound, so deep, that perhaps they are truly not responsible for their hateful, vicious lies. May Our Lord have mercy on them. May Our Lady and all the Saints pray for them. May Christ the King one day rule in their hearts, and may they feel true contrition for the many sins with which they offend Him!

Anonymous said...

Here is why this story sounds really fake- after one escape she was kidnapped and taken back to a convent. However- later when priests come to kidnap her again- they are powerless to take her because she said she had a new religion.. then later on priests show up at her home again to heckle her- but are powerless to kidnap her at that point too- even though at one time they could just steal her off the street...

This makes no sense- if there is evil like this going on they would have killed her or kidnapped her again. There is no reason evil people like that would simply let her go and let her talk to other people like this. She claims the church basically enslaves these nuns to get money from the church- which they got when she entered the convent- so after her first escape- they would have let her go as they already had what they wanted. The only reason to kidnap her would have been to silence her- which means they would have silenced her the second time around as well- or would have at least killed her when she was alone.

Instead they excommunicate her and let her go this time?? Makes no sense at all. The way it ends with her finding a real Christian religion and living unharmed- you can tell this is anti Catholic propaganda and not a real story. It was written to sell another religion and to damage catholicism. In a real story she would have at the very least have been killed. I mean- one moment they need to kidnap her back to keep her quiet and the next they let her go simply because she has a new religion?? Yeah right... that doesn't add up!!!

She ruined any chance at this story being believable because of the second kidnapping.

Anonymous said...

Using a Social Security number for someone born in 1889 or 1898 would not be adequate proof for anything as in United States we did not start using this system until 1936. If a person wanted to apply for a Social Security card and they were born, for example, in 1889, it's highly probable that they could do so in 1951. Please read the history:

FutureSister said...

I did not read her full testimony, but I have recently begun discernment with cloistered Carmelite nuns in my area. I can say that the nuns I have met are absolutely nothing like this. They know the Word of God better than anyone, and you can tell of their closeness to Christ upon meeting them. Yes, they work hard, and they sleep on boards, and they don't eat meat, and they don't wear socks in the cold. But this is because they are willing to suffer as Christ suffered. They eat more than “Sister Charlotte” claims: I know for a fact they eat eggs, fish, and fruit as well as vegetables and bread and that they have three meals a day. They even put some homemade ice cream in the visiting room for me during one of my visits! They also have recreation together and tell stories and laugh, despite “Sister Charlotte” claiming that nuns do not have friends in the convent. One other thing that struck me as odd was that St. Therese had to beg her bishop to enter Carmel at fifteen (years prior to this story), whereas “Sister Charlotte” supposedly entered at twelve, no questions asked. The Carmelites, even in the 1800’s, were wary of accepting someone so young because of their harsh lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

The thing that jumps out at me immediately upon hearing "Sister" Charlotte speak is that she has an accent unlike any other nun I have ever heard. It's a Southern accent, maybe Texas, maybe Tennessee, definitely uneducated. Definitely not Irish, English, Canadian, or even Scotch.

Her story is disturbing and full of emotionally charged details, but as pointed out before, highly deficient in details that could be corroborated. Pairing that story with a social security number of someone with the same first name does not lend the story further credence since we have no way of knowing that it is the right woman.

Anonymous said...

The story of Sister Charlotte has to be one of the worst stories I've ever read. The protagonist was a total Mary Sue. There was some promise when she almost murdered someone, but that ended up just being a flimsy plot device to get the first trite escape scene going.

Overall, the plot sucked, the pace plodded, the other characters unbelievable and unsympathetic. WAY too much reliance on blood and guts to keep the reader awake, but not enough details to keep the story from falling through its numerous plot holes.

It's very important when you're writing historical fiction, even if it's in the horror genre, to do your research. Not just research about the Catholic Church (how do you write a story from a nun's point of view and totally FAIL to mention mass or the Eucharist? FACEPALM.), but other things. For example, passports, visas, overseas travel, and how slave trades actually have historically worked throughout history and as business models. If you're going to date a story in the past, make sure that your details apply to the past. Also, make sure that events don't defy the laws of physics (like how her magical mystery boat rides across the Atlantic - back and forth twice - were so quick and uneventful across the Atlantic that they required no further mention, a passport was needed but there was no customs to clear, and somehow, the boat landed like, right next to the mountains? If the Church had that boat, you better believe that I'd be a believer.

Also: Sister Mary Sue couldn't have traveled on her children's passport, especially a children's passport with no visa, and even still, passports weren't mandatory for Americans until after 1945, after Sister Mary Sue converted to lack-of-lateral-thinking-ism. By the time she left for magical mystery kingdom, the last time she could have gotten a passport was before she went into the convent, when she was 13.

I have an essay I wrote a while ago about how bad of writer this Charlotte Whose-Her-Face was, and why she obviously couldn't break into the mainstream, even though I'm sure there's lots of horror fans out there who would have found the topic rather interesting. I'm curious to find out if she's got any more horror stories out there. I heard she used to do a traveling show. Was it anything like say, Gwar's shows? It seems like they have the same aesthetic.

Anonymous said...

Thanx sister charlotte,i have read a lot of books about catholic elders plus their homosexuality,this prooves all and i know they are people who need proof read books and compare them other than worshipping the devil and pretending to be holy.

Anonymous said...

I was born into a "Christian Religion" and through my induction to my final departure, I learnt one very important fact about all the "So called Christian Religions like RC.. etc The fact was "the more Religious the Organization, Institution or Church exhibits, the more corrupt it becomes internally" The "followers" (and I was one of them" put the "person in charge, Pope, Priest or Minister, on a Pedestal, as the closest to GOD, so that eventually every follower comes to believe that, such a "Holy" person could never do wrong. But they all are Human, and they end up sinning worse than the followers! I know as I did experience this before I left forever my Parents religion. I also might add that my own Mother told us about the RC Convent in Brisbane Australia where they found "hundreds of human infant bones when a Convent was demolished. Maybe you should check that out!

Jim Berry said...

As the brother of a devoted Franciscan nun, I find the story preposterous and insulting. No one who was taught by Catholic nuns could ever believe this tale. Carmalite nuns went to the guillotine during the French Revolution rather than betray their faith. This woman insults their memory. She sounds like a mental case and does much harm with this rant.

Anonymous said...

Prior to 1936 Social Security numbers were not issued, and did not exist. It would make sense for her to have a SS card issued later in life into the 1950's. Also, since she was in a convent much of her life, that would be why there are no other records of her. She did not buy land, marry, or run for office. I want to thank Kmerian for showing Sister Charlotte Keckler did truly exist.

Anna Van Halen said...

I was a student at St.Joseph's Convent for 5 years on the Island of St.Lucia. Although Mother Superior namely Sister, Frances Teresa a Trinidadian Nun seemed cruel to us, the Nuns moved about the community freely, happily and there was no sign of imprisonment like sister Charlotte claims. They had ample freedom to escape if they suffered this so called abuse. You could feel something going on between the Priest and some Nuns from the way they used to blush. But this level of torture claimed by this Phantom Nun seems unreal. Why then does she not give her birth name and all her family history so that we can identify her? I think that this whole story is a scam concocted by some Christian Pastor to discredit the church. The church is their biggest competitor as they grab Parishioners. When I attended St.Joseph's I was a Jehovah's Witness.

Anonymous said...

SSI wasnt around until the 1930s and then not enacted on until even later. The RCC is loaded with pagan bs. just as the pope wears Dagon (a pagan fish god) on his head and the cardinals wear the mitre of saturn, and even the cap of mithra (assyrian god). its all to take the focus off of our FIRST LOVE!!! the WORD OF GOD or JESUS CHRIST (the word became flesh john 1:1-14). instead the read out of a dis-MISSAL to the dis-MASS. Father says to "come out of her (mystery babylon) my people..." Some will only do it after theyve been deceived.

Anonymous said...

No matter how you deny it Catholic Texan, it is true that a Catholic can steal a certain amount of money and not have to confess it. this is taught in cathechism.
Also, deny all the story of Sister Charlotte in any way you want, such as denying her sexual allegations because she gives no proof. In past days of the 1900s, in the old countries , in Ireland, there were plenty and plenty of stories among people of former nuns , girls and boys abused by the priests. but especially were known the girls sexually molested by the priests and the children the priests produced. It is only in the last few years that these things are known world wide whereas before the
Church could keep it secret while the people spoke of it among themselves
Your church is the Synagogue of Satan and is the cause of the troubles in the world to rule it .

kmerian said...

No anonymous, it is not true that a Catholic is allowed to steal a small amount of money, but if it is in the catechism like you claim, then you should be able to provide the paragraph number. As to her abuse claims, the fact that abuse did occur, does not make her instantly credible.

Sylvia said...

The Roman Catholic Church attempts to put itself in the place of God and be co-equal in authority - Isn't this the sin that got Lucifer damned and the lie he used to seduce Eve to disobey God; that she could be equal with God.

I am simply a believer that our Lord Jesus Christ Almighty became flesh and sacrificed himself for our salvation and remission of our sins. Only the Almighty Father, Son and Holy Spirit one God are due are adoration, worship, praise, appreciation and complete obedience; NO man, woman (e.g. Mary), beast or demon and that includes Papal or earthly priest deserves it and to request or attempt to coerce it is the same blasphemy committed by Satan. Only God created us and only He redeemed us no one else. (Just to be clear I do not believe Mary ever appeared and would ask to be worshipped as equal to Jesus - But a fallen angel would have no problem - They already know they are damned).

As Christ said:
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

And The Father said:
Exo 20:3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
Exo 20:4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:
Exo 20:5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me

The Roman Catholic conveniently omits God's words of Exodus 20:4-5 in the Catechism and rewrites the Ten Commandments.

Lets' look at what else the Papacy has said regarding its authority.

Concerning the extent of Papal dignity, authority, or dominion and infallibility.
Quoadea quoeconcernunt papae dignitatem, auctoritatem, seu potestatem, et infallibilitatem.

#1. "The Pope is of so great dignity and so exalted that he is not mere man, but as it were God, and the vicar of God."
#1. "Papa tantae est dignitatis et cesitudinis, ut non sit simplex homo, sed quasi Deus, et Dei vicarius."

#13. "Hence the Pope is crowned with a triple crown, as king of heaven and of earth and of the lower regions."
#13. Hinc Papa triplici corona coronatur tanquam rex coeli, terre et infernoram."

#18. "As to papal authority, the Pope is as it were God on earth, Sole sovereign of all the faithful of Christ, chief king of kings, having a plentitude of unbroken power, entrusted by the omnipotent God to govern the earthly and heavenly kingdoms."
#18. " Deveniendo ad Papae auctoritatem, Papa est quasi Deus in terra unicaus Christifidelium princeps, regum omnium rex maximus, plenitudinem potestatis continens, cui terreni simul, ac coelestis imperii gubernacula ab omnipotenti Deo credita sunt."

#30. "The Pope is of so great authority and power, that he is able to modify, declare, or interpret even divine laws."
#30. "Papa tantae est auctoritatis et potestatis, ut possit quoque leges divinas modificare, declarare, vel interpretari, ad num."

Source: Lucius Ferraris, “Papa,” art. 2, in his Prompta Bibliotheca Canonica, Juridica, Moralis, Theologica, Ascetica, Polemica, Rubristica, Historica. (“Handy Library”), Vol. 5, published in Petit-Montrouge (Paris) by J. P. Migne, 1858 edition, column 1823, Latin.

Here are the relevant Scanned pages from Ferraris' Prompta Bibliotheca for those who would like to see the original Latin text of the above quotes.

just copy and paste the below txt into the address bar.

jacko said...

Charlotte Keckler was a fraud and a professional liar as the following data proves beyond a doubt.
Charlotte Edna Keckler was born Rhoda Edna Cackler April 12th 1898 in Lucas Co. Iowa to her parents William Henry Cackler & Cora Belle Triggs. Her parents married April 18th 1888 in Spencer, Clay, Iowa and they had 9 children, four boys & five girls, Charlotte ( Rhoda) was the fifth in line. Charlotte was named after her paternal grandmother who was Rhoda Charlotte Porter and used her grandmother’s second name for her fictitious name aong with a corrupted version of her family name.
The family were definitely not catholic as Charlotte’s grandmother divorced her husband, and Charlotte’s grandfather’s brother also divorced and remarried. Apparently Charlottes grandparents on both sides moved to Lucas Co. to settled it. They were of some Protestant denomination, perhaps Lutherans? So all her rant of “I was reared in a devout Roman Catholic home” is completely false. If Charlotte had been reared a catholic she would know perfectly well that the teachings she declares are catholic as regards telling lies and robbing up to S40 are totally false and a medevial invention by Protestand Churches to descredit the Catholic Church.
William, Cora and their first five children (Charlotte aged 2) were living in Doyle Township Hopeville town, Clarke, Iowa on the 1900 census.
By 1910 they had moved to Wolf River, Doniphan, Kansas. The next two children after Charlotte were born in Missouri and the last two were born in Kansas. (Charlotte is age 12 on this census).
On the 1920 census the family is at Hiawatha, Brown, Kansas, and Charlotte is 21. The family name is mistranscribed as Cacler.
In 1925 according to Kansas State census Charlotte is still in Kansas.

The 1930 census finds her parents and her youngest sibling in Sabetha, Nemaha, Kansas.
And Charlotte was in Hiawatha, Brown County, Kansas age 30, should be 32 in 1930! working at a hospital and as a bookkeeper.
So how does this lady mannage to be with her parents until 1925 and at the same time declares she had been locked away in a convent since 1910 With Dificulty I would think!
According to the 1940 census, Charlote was living in Moline, Rock Island, Illinois in 1935.
The following is the information on her 1940 census record and her name is Rhoda C. Keckler, this is the first reference to having changed her surname.
She was lodging and lived at 19th Street, Moline, Rock Island, Illinois
High school 4th year, nurse, age 34, (42 would be correct) why did she lie about her age?
Her Uncle John Cackler lived in Moline ward 4, Rock Island, Illi. On the 1920 & 1930 census. This town was 400 miles from Sabetha, Nemaha, where Charlottes’ father lived.
When her eldest brother died in 1975 Charlotte named as Miss Rhoda Kackler was in Napa California. He was a member of the Christian Church.
It is clear from all this data that Charlotte never left the USA for any lenth of time and was never locked away in a convent.
This guy claims “I helped publish the book Charlotte wrote, FROM CONVENT TO PENTECOST. She was in a convent in Quebec, Canada. Charlotte WAS a Carmelite nun. She would not say it was in Canada during her testimony. But it was.”
Sorry to say the first Carmelite convent in Quebec, Canada was founded from USA in 1877 and only lasted until 1877 due to lack of numbers and revenue. The sisters returned to USA. The second attempt was made in 1951 and was a success, so that couldn’t be true!

jacko said...

Sorry,Correction: I made a mistake in my previous post; "the first Carmelite convent in Quebec, Canada was founded from USA in 1877 and only lasted until 1877". It should have read, founded from USA in 1875 and only lasted until 1877. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of the Residential schools in Canada for Native Americans. Here is an excerpt. "According to Glen Coulthard of the University of Alberta, The Canadian government's policies included the destruction of much of Native culture, values and religion. 7 With the help of the Christian churches, these traditions were largely replaced with versions of western Christianity. The main players were the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church of Canada, the United Church of Canada, and the Presbyterian Church in Canada. The government financed residential school systems; religious institutions ran them. Sometimes, children were kidnapped and taken long distances from their communities in order to attend school. Once there, they were held captive, isolated from their families of origin, and forcibly stripped of their language, religion, traditions and culture. Many native children grew up with little knowledge of their original culture.

Not mentioned in Coulthard's essay was the extremely high level of physical and sexual abuse suffered by Native children at the religious schools. The result has been that, as adults, many suffer with depression, have difficulty in parenting, and live with a loss of culture. Some commit suicide." This actually seems in line with what Charlotte experienced.

Anonymous said...

This story is 100% real. Her story is not an isolated event. I have a reliable source that went to the Vatican in Rome and bribed a cardinal for $200 US dollars to show him around inside. One of the most startling things he said he saw was a large underground room about the size of a football field that was stacked from floor to ceiling with the bones of newborn babies. They were the babies that were born to the nuns that the priests got pregnant since the early beginnings of the catholic church . . .

Anonymous said...

Alright, I really do not understand why you bother to continue answering these nuts.

I am a Russian Orthodox Priest and I will "give my witness" (if I may borrow their parlance)that I firmly believe that the Church of Rome is a church in schism and possible Apostasy but these ridiculous charges are absurd.

Frankly, a Roman Catholic nun wouldn't cut it a week in an Orthodox women's monastery so they certainly wouldn't have survived this crackpots stories.

Of course, with the emptying of the convents following Vatican II there should be millions of former nuns and sisters who would be happy to verify this crackpot's "Testimony"! Surely THAT alone should shut these nuts up!
Christ is Risen!

Jacko said...

To anonymous who said that Charlotte's story is a 100% real, can you please provide the evidence?

I must say your "reliable source that went to the Vatican" must be having a good laugh at your expense! Come on now, let's get real, why on earth would they want to keep those baby bones? don't you think that most of them if they are there since the beginning of the catholic church 2000 years mind you! would be well and truly disintegrated by now? And you say "he bribed a cardinal for $200 US dollars", now if you had said something in the range of $2000 your story might be more credible, do you think a cardinal of the RC would lower himself to just $200?

Obviously if you can believe that joke you can believe anything! I don't have anything to do with the RC church but reality is reality and truth is truth. No matter how many cases of abuse in the RC have been proved true that doesn't automatically make every story of abuse true and when you come across a story like Charlotte's which is so full of incoherences it's time to do some serious research which I have done and I present it here for the sake of honesty!

This is how I did my research and how I came to the conclusions that I did!
First of all, I have been doing family research for over 10 years, I don't claim to be an expert but have acquired some knowledge and experience in this field over time.

The only information I had to go on to begin my research was the data supplied in Charlotte’s death record which is already posted on this site.

I entered this data in the search engine on every family research site I could find for the USA with no results which coincide with other people’s research who tried to track this lady down. This is exceptionally rare and strange that you get absolutely no returns for neither births, marriages, census, etc. The golden rule in genealogy is when you get no results with the names you have to branch out into alternative spellings, which I did and no returns either. Then I deleted her first name and that´s where I got the 1900 census which gives April 1898, as birth date and Iowa as birth place which correspond exactly with Charlotte’s death record’s data. Also the first name was Edna and coincides with Charlotte’s second name with an “n” added on.
Then I went on to look for a marriage for a William Cackler & a Cora B. and bingo Cora´s surname was Triggs, once again this squares up with the death record. From there I went on to look for all census with corroborative evidence i.e. parents & children’s names, places of birth and ages that more or less square up as ages on census records are usually very unreliable as most people didn't know their real age as it was very seldom required back then.

I am convinced that all this corroborative evidence proves beyond a doubt that Charlotte Keckler & Rhoda Edna Cackler is one and the same person.

To be continued,

Jacko said...

2nd part
From there I was able to go on to further research. has 17 online family trees with this family in it and you can find more on line family trees if you Google the parent´s names.

Just a few examples of incoherences in this story;

Charlotte states that she had a brother a catholic priest and his name was Chet and lived on the west coast. After been made a priest he was supposed to have lived with his housekeeper for seven years, after that he left the R. church and married her. It appears that priests in the RC have to study at least seven years after high school before they can be ordained, so he would have to be about 25 when made a priest and at least 32 when he married, yet Charlotte’s four brothers were all married before they were 26 years of age. Her youngest brother Chester is the only brother who lived, married and died on the west coast, he moved there after 1935, the other three brothers all lived and died in Kansas. On Chester’s 1940 census record it states he was a labourer, married, high school 4th year and lived in Los Angeles, Ca. He was 26 when he married in 1936 in Los Angeles. As she says her priest brother was Chet, we can only presume she was referring to Chester. This data obviously doesn't square up!

She also declared that when she returned from the convent all her siblings had been to college except herself, however the census tells us otherwise. The three older brothers had only done grade school on the 1940 census and were all labourers or farm hands. Both Chester and Charlotte did up to 4th year high school.

According to Charlotte, the doctor her father called in to see her after her first escape from the convent was the same Dr. who brought her into the world and he was also her godfather and he could only recognized her by her birth mark. At the same time giving to understand that her parents were living in the same town where she was born only in a different house, yet they had changed town three times since Charlotte was born?

She states her father was a very wealthy man yet he doesn´t appear to have owned his own house on census records and was also a farm hand?

Her mother was senile and totally paralysed and didn't recognize Charlotte when she returned home yet she was able to give orders to her lawyer to leave money to Charlotte when she learned that her father had disinherited her?

She declares, after her Uncle John died, she went on to nurse for three years in a roman catholic hospital, of all places! Was she not afraid that they would ship her back to the convent again given her last experience? I have no doubt I would have run a million miles from anything catholic if I had been through that hell!

to be continued

Jacko said...

This passage along with others in Charlotte’s story is what really got under my skin and set off all the alarms that this story can´t be true and gave me the motivation to investigate her whole story.

“As the years dragged by I learned to use a hammer, saw, shovel and anything else a man normally does. We worked very hard, performing heavy manual labor, digging out underground rooms and tunnels, building walls, plastering, etc. Often we were two, three or four miles back in the tunnels. Sometimes we wondered if we even had voices because of the strict rule of silence, and would speak in whispers to each other. The very next morning Mother Superior would call the offenders out and say, "You are going to do penance." We wondered how she could have heard us. One day we learned that all thirty-five miles of tunnel under the convent were wired so she could hear every whisper.”

Can someone please explain how on earth young girls and women with presumable a very limited education would have the know-how to dig out and build tunnels for miles underground, without them caving in and provide them with ventilation and on top of that bug the whole place, something that wasn't invented until 1941? And nothing less than Thirty-five miles, a feat that not even the best engineers in the world would have been able to accomplish without all their studies and equipment! Besides, lets presume the convent would have at most an acre or two of land, keep in mind, one square mile = 640 acres (260ha) for what purpose would they want or need 35 miles?
This is so far-fetched one would have to be pretty crazy to swallow this fat fish!

What is truly amazing about this story is that the Pentecostal church in Napa, Ca. should have been privy to all Charlotte's background information when she started her ministry in that Church, why haven’t they come forward in all these years to provide the evidence to back up this story. This is a very big “WHY”?

Charlotte wasn’t afraid in life to travel around for 14 years telling her story and her written story wasn't to be published until after her death so why wasn't that evidence supplied in her published account?

To the best of my knowledge I don’t think as many have claimed that the fact that the rc church didn't take a libel case against Charlotte would constitute proof either ways and very unlikely would stand in a court of law.

I personally could not possible accept and believe a story such as Charlotte's without some supporting evidence, it would be very dishonest of me to do so!

I don`t think it could ever be acceptable for Christians to sell truth for lies nor vice versa and that is what is the whole aim of my posting!
Thank you!

Patricia said...

Thank you Sister, for your sufferings and prayers for sinners like myself. I love you!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this claim. Let Jesus and Our Lady handle it now.

Anonymous said...

I do believe the account of Sister Charlotte. There are loads of stories of institutionalized abuse by nuns as well as priests. Magdalene Asylum for young women in Ireland is infamous (and now closed) for the abuses committed by nuns and priests and it was covered up for years. I see no reason to disbelieve this ex-nun simply because she doesn't state the convent where she suffered. As Catholics we must emulate Christ and NOT cover up the sins of the church. Its the concealment, denial and deceit that will be the church's undoing, not shedding light.

Anonymous said...

Addendum: Also there have been burial sites around convents in Ireland where they have found the corpses of babies. Just check out this NYTimes article which sites

"A recently discovered septic tank holding the skeletons of nearly 800 Irish babies is not the only sad burial ground of unwanted kids.The grave was found this month by a historian at a home run by nuns for women who committed the “mortal sin” of unwed pregnancy in Tuam, County Galway. The children suffered serious neglect, and many were left “emaciated,” with “flesh hanging loosely on limbs,” according to the newspaper Irish Central.

What's offensive is that the church speaks out against abortion as an evil and yet this is how the church treats the 'unwanted' children of St. Mary's Mother and Baby's Home in Ireland.

Its healthy to criticize the church where it needs critique and to praise it when it does better. Right now the church has more than a few skeletons in the closet that needs to be aired out. To criticize is not being "anti-catholic", Catholics want to improve the church not hide its sins.

Anonymous said...

And don't even get me started on the Boys Town and other clergy abuse. Its shameful. The church should be ashamed. Catholics should feel anger and a revolutionary zeal to remove the corruption out of the church. Preying on the vulnerable is a sin.

Anonymous said...

I see here a battle between too Christian Cults neither represents the true and unaltered teachings of Jesus who said ' And even you can be like me and more' or did you fail to take that in Christian. And Be IN the world but not OF it So much in so few words yet so few of you grasp the implication and there depth of meaning Why bother say casting such great wisdom on us if we are not also the children of God led astray in a far distant past. And the satin that led us astray is still hard at work making sure we it will never be easy for us to join together. You Christians at each others throats in stead of working together on maters of love and peace and using the power of your church to support some love and peace between moslems and Christian NO You would rather believe moslems are evil and you are rather convinced of this even though the real life evidence just does not exist that even 5% of moslems wish destruction on us. And this is a wonder considering the amount of death and destruction that has been visited upon and condoned by so many Christian churches. I am a deist like Ben Franklin. I was born to holocaust survivors - my father served in the Polish and Russian armies - he saw enough death and destruction - he saw the trainloads of frozen German soldiers being returned to there homeland
He did not hate them; he did not yearn for vengeance; That is not the thinking of one who survives what he survived. Six times he walked away from death 5 of them because of 5 Germans who warned him and the sixth because of a baptist in a catholic country the promoted lies about Judaic people. He said what you believe is your business and what I believe I keep to myself, he just lived his beliefs. Go with virtue and love and may we all walk with Jesus someday soon for where he is must certainly be wonder filled. He is not in heaven just in a heavenly land in another part of this galaxy - so I believe - and he once lived here thousands of years ago and that is why he said and even you can be like me and more so let us start catching up oh children of creation. He is in a land where no one grows old and they live in what we would call perfect harmony. They watch over us but do not interfere for the most part. They sometimes make mistakes for even though they are God like to us they cannot see more then 100 years into the future so you see my Jesus is not perfect. Perfection will always be in front of us in this never - ending story we live in. Love is all there is. If technology was used wisely every one on earth could live like a king or Queen. And we would still be A thousandfold short of life on Jesus’s Planet by the way Moses lives there to. Seriously. And I am not leaving my phone #. But your welcome to stay in touch.

Blessed said...

Oh God please be with us, forgive me Lord if I am wrong, forgive us who are blinded by the world and choose to believe with our eyes. Stir our hearts and make us new, help us choose to walk/live by faith. People perish for the lack of knowledge, fear ignorance more than evil. Lord heavenly father, beautiful sovereign God manifest your spirit upon us. Let it be your will to make things right. Be with us Lord when we choose to defend the church instead of your word. Speak clarity to us when we stand by religion instead of our God. Bring revelation to us when we live only by what we know, act as what we have seen and learned instead of your promises and direction. Lead us to a breakthrough to stand high and proud defending only you and nothing else but you. Jesus Christ be with us and nurture our faith in nothing else but faith in you my Glorifying King. JESUS, in your name I ask to brake off all negativity off of us as humans fighting with each other trying to defend news that has mislead our faith in you my lord speak life, revelation, serenity, faith, alignment, the will to know you, healing, and abundant blessings of overflowing faith in you. In the name of Jesus Christ let it be your will. Have Mercy on us. Thank you Lord for your love, grace, sacrifice, and eternal life.
In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. AMEN.
Don't become enemies of each other, stand by your faith in your Lord and nothing else, don't fall under the trap of bitterness, but please do walk in faith and live Christ like, love and be kind to each other. God loves you already. The way you choose to live, the actions you take will forever speak louder, not just for God to hear and see, but for everyone else. Know your real God as he is a good God. Guilt, shame, and condemnation are NOT of God. God is a good God, be good to each other, if your actions and treatments to others are not in alignment to the good merciful God we have, I pray that you check your self and realize where those ungodly ways are rooted from. Know your God, receive his message by reading his word. God is an awesome God who loves you and knows your heart.
Blessings and favor!

Trace said...

I beg to differ! She entered the convent in 1910, 3 months shy of her 13th birthday. She was of a completely different generation. I have two great aunts who were nuns, and they both used the term novitiate, never novice. They both also used the full phrase Roman Catholic.

Trace said...

As a spirit filled Pentecostal woman, (who became such after being raised in the Catholic church and it's schools,) I must correct your inference that the Catholic church is the only true church.

Trace said...
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Anonymous said...

This story was certainly sensational. Was it true? I wrote my first post trying to figure out if it's believable or not. In my estimation find it perplexing and fraudulent.

Number one: St. Theresa of Lisieaux entered the convent at 15 years old only because she was given a dispensation from the Pope. That Charlotte joined the convent at barely 13? It's too young. No convent would have taken her. I know she said she went to Convent School, but to leave her family like that? It doesn't fly.

If she was learning about the cloistered life, she would have expected to have her hair cut and to take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. She seemed clueless about that. It sounds as if she didn't really have a vocation.

Her general comments were unrevealing and particular comments told a horror story unspecifically.

Her speech used no Catholic terminology: the Divine Office, the Blessed Sacrament, "going to Confession" not "Confessional", Stations of the Cross (instead of the 14 Steps ... etc.) and she knew none of the saints. She referred to penances as "tortures" and mistakenly was in the cloister to pray for the entire world. She doesn't speak like a Catholic.

I'm close with some Sisters, (one is in the family), a Cloistered Nun, and have been very good friends with a Priest for 20 yrs. These are good people who love Christ and offer their works, joys, and sufferings for others. No doubt it's a difficult life.

I've also known some bad apples, but I'm not going to judge the entire Catholic Church on those who malign the Church's teachings. The fact is, the Church has performed wonderful works for the poor, the ill, for children, the incarcerated etc ... for years and years. It has propagated Christianity.

The Catholic Church is the Bride of Christ. Our roots go back to Christ and the Apostles. Charlotte blames "Rome", but Rome was miles away. Rome doesn't have cameras and speakers inside every convent, rectory, or Confessional.

For someone who entered the convent, this woman knew little to nothing about her faith, causing me to wonder if this is just a story about what someone thinks goes on in a cloistered convent in order to cast aspersions on the Catholic Church.

There were generalities and foggy particulars given. As far as being an RN --- I am, and she didn't speak like one. She didn't sound that she'd been educated beyond grammar school. There is no conceivable way she could sneak out to Nursing School during the day. She didn't remember the deadly concoction of meds administered to Mr. Superior.

So ... there are many out there who hate what they "think" the Catholic Church is, but when they do some real investigating ... learning ... searching for truth ... they come home.

Ascent of Mount Carmel said...

I've been researching this too. I've used census records, birth records, death records to totally debunk this. I have a great deal of information now, so I'm posting them in a series of videos on my YouTube Channel, Ascent of Mount Carmel. It's the only channel with on YouTube with that name.

Peter said...

Roman church is a DECEPTION,
So many abnormal and sick things, that if YOU really LOVED the TRUTH, you would immediatly start questiong "whats wrong with this church".
Start reading the Bible - all you need to know is in there ...
Then look at the signs, like mother/son worship, where old Rome paganism mixed with a little christianity to brvome a WHORE.

Peter said...

Also ask your self, why they have an egyptian obelisc, in the St peters square. The obelisc has nothing to do with Christ. The obelisc is a male organ - go look at the story of Isis and Horus.
Look at this picture of the obelisc which is centeted in a sun wheel

Peter said...

Why I believe the story of Charlotte Keckler could be true:
- she teaches the right gospel as we all can read from the Bible
- the catholic church has nothing to do with Jesus Christ
- the catholic church teaches you to worship; the sun, Mother/son, dead people, old oagan ceremonies, a pope etc (so sickening)

Jesus tells us, we must be born again. We will enter His Kingdom if we accept Jesus and Only Him, as our Lord and Saviour, snd repent from sins, stop sinning and trust in Him, for His Grave will forgive us all our sins. This my friends, are NOT the teachings in the catholic church.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who are quoting scripture, don't bother. Catholics don't read scripture and when they do read the few paragraphs someone points out to them, they get confused because Catholics are not taught to actually read the bible. They are just taught a handful of prayers, how to sand in line for communion and how to throw money in the offering baskets at masses. I know, I was raised Catholic.

kmerian said...

You may have gone to a Catholic Church. But you were not raised Catholic. I was always taught to read scripture and still do. Many Popes and teachers have said "Those who do not know the scriptures, do not know Jesus"

Beloved said...

I was brought up in the Catholic church. I came to know God existed while in the Catholic Church....and I am grateful. I walked with Christ when I left. I realised the random and scattered versus...we're not only sometimes out of context....but later learned not from the Bible....but phrases and philosophies of other priests.
John certainly gives supplemental info by the Holy Spirit about baptism. You don't need to be baptised of water. It certainly a huge outward proclamation of faith before brothers and sisters. John the Baptist said one comes after me baptizing in the Holy Spirit. Also the thief on the cross was not baptized by water..and yet....Christ said.this day you will be with me in heaven.
There is no fruit by the adding and subtracting to the Word of God....for any Cult....False teachers...or religion.

Beloved said...

One's heart is revealed by there fruit supernaturally by the Holy Spirit.
Mormons use the same name in there sermons....of who Christ is. The beginning of their religion like by the inspired word of fraud. I believe many are deceived even those I love. Many Catholics cringe when you talk about Christ. How can you have fellowship.without the Christ.?

Anonymous said...

The author of this material falls into one of three catergories:
1. Greatly deceived
2. Paid or directed by the catholic church to publish this
3. A liar from the pit of hell

Gwyne Falo said...

Dear Catholic Texan,
I lived in Europe for over 20 years, and visited a Carmelite convent in France. My own mother-in-law, from Spain, would tell the story of how the Catholics sided with Franco against the people and how the convent on a hill had guns pointing down on their village. She would explain how they found baby skeletons in that convent, showing that there was evil within. It was very hard to listen to "Charlotte's" testimony, because it was so evil, so I found on line her testimony written out, which made it easier for me to "digest." I believe every word that this woman spoke, because I KNOW how evil the human heart is. Do you, Catholic Texan? I saw this evil in my OWN heart. Jesus said that out of the heart comes murder and adulteries, and this is what defiles a man. So true! Those comments that belittle this testimony have not seen their own heart, and so they are deceived. Once you know how evil your heart is, nothing surprises you what man is capable of doing. Then there is the truth that Satan is real. Again those comments that show disdain for this woman are ignorant of the evil powers that exist. My heart cries out to Jesus Christ to pray this: LORD, PLEASE COME QUICKLY! Only You, Lord Jesus, can END this ongoing evil that is hidden and only You can deliver us from this evil. I thank You that You revealed Yourself to this woman, and how You saved her and brought her out of the darkness into Your marvelous light. I thank You for her testimony. Lord, please expose the Vatican, the Catholic church and all churches, Protestant or otherwise, and all false religions of all evil. Expose! Bring justice! Thank You that You will be sending Your Son soon to save those who put their trust in You and not in their own goodness nor in a religious system, and that You will judge those who turned away from You. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

David Barr said...

You can tell this story is true. When someone recalls something that happened to them they remember quirky details and they include them in the story. There were so many details that she described that it was obvious she was there going through those events e.g. the emotion of the locked gate and the panic that set in, then the details of pulling her garments in order the make the climb, and the struggle to get down. She goes on with vivid detail which can only be done by someone who was there.

Next, the flow of the story and her speech was not one of someone making something up. It is not possible to tell such detail and have such flow without having lived that. What happens when something is being made up is that people pause. Their story might flow for a short stretch of a couple of paragraphs but then there is a pause because they will have to create in their mind and put pieces together.

Finally, her story showed empathy for the sisters and it did not spend a long time in detail on the horrors of the priests. For someone that was doing this out of spite you would have more lurid detail on the priests and the mother superior. It didn't happen, instead they were parts of her story and they came into her life and exited just as would be the case in the timeline of our lives.

What she describes is a house of horrors. It is hard to believe. However, delivery of her story is credible. Also, she is not alone in her testimony about life in a convent. The Roman catholic church is responsible for hunting Christians and torturing them. When we have evidence in court of rampant pedophilia by priests and then massive cover ups we would have to be morons not to believe this story is probable. I believe it.

Aram Shaymus Crow said...

Why would she lie? To make the RCC look bad? It already looks horrible enough on its own.. Like she really loved fearing for her life... I challenge you to listen to her testimony 1 more time.. She was being completely honest, now it's time for you to stop trashing this amazing woman.. The RCC is run by Satan and the sooner you figure that out the better off you will be... Why would you stay in such a wicked church?! The history of the RCC is so murderous, I can't believe it's in business today... Hope you find the true path to God.. king James Bible will help...

KCG said...

Thank you sir, the only mature level headed spiritual reply given.

KCG said...

We will pray for you and the others who are deceived. Please read and study your Bible so you can see the religious system you are in. Study Jesuit Priest, go back to Constantine and study. Only truth can make you free. If you want to be blind that is your choice. The one world system, the new world order, the Catholic system is right at the front.

Red Ocean said...

You actually hit it right on the spot only it is a mirage of the Catholic Church, not the Church herself. Antichrist gained the upper hand in Rome in 1914 and there have been antipopes ever since. They have cooperated in ushering in the reign of Antichrist in the world these last 101 years. The true Church has no "man made creeds". . . the false church -today parading around as the Catholic Church - indeed is full of corrupt , man made creeds as it is the religion of man. "The man of sin". God is chastising the world by allowing the false teachings of Protestantism on the Pope and Catholicity to appear to be true but it is an ANTIPOPE in Rome. This is because of sin and their obstinate stance. So God removed the Papacy from Rome and allowed antipopes to take control. It follows that Protestants would say "see, I told you so". . . not having the knowledge nor the understanding to see what is really happening is a punishment upon them also for their hating the Catholic Church. As the antipopes reign in Rome, Protestants point the finger and shake their heads at the scandals Satan concocts to their own confusion and destruction. Practically the whole world recognizes this whore of Babylon (17th chapter of the Apocalypse) as the Catholic Church! Only true prayer and penance can remove the scales from their eyes.

Red Ocean said...

Gwyne Falo said...

Thank you for replying. Protestants can be in the dark just as much as Catholics. I do not call myself a Protestant, but a follower of Christ. I don't point the finger, instead I want to expose evil as we are commanded to do in Ephesians 5:13. The only reason I can do this, is because I first saw the evil in my own heart. I consider myself saved by grace and not by any works that I could boast about. No, it is all by God's grace and the work of His Son, Jesus Christ, who gets any credit in my life if I do any good, because I know that my heart is deceitful above all else, is desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17:9. Religions are man made but those who follow the true Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible, know the truth and are set free from this deceptive world we live in, and very soon, Jesus Christ will return for His bride and take us to His home (John 14:1-3). Maranatha! God bless you.


Anyone that does not believe this woman is telling the truth of what happens is just ignorant as can be, and I truly feel so sorry for you because you are one that the bible tells of that cant see or here the truth. God help you.
If u do research you will find out this is LUCIFER'S CHURCH!!! If you are catholic, if I was you, if this doesn't convince you enough you reallllllly need to research for the truth and ask the Lord Jesus to help you be able too see and hear the truth for the sake of where your soul for eternity will be. Because if you cant see this truth God knows what else you don't know truth of. Ask for discernmet from the Lord.

Mica Joiner said...

Gina, Your church broke a way from the true church that Jesus made.For a concubine non the less...So, dont go telling Catholics they are Lucifer. You have never seen Jesus in the flesh obviously..How you break aways take the bible and, twist it onto what ever sin you wish condone. NOT TO MENTION Gina that you dont have the whole bible because, much of it was taken out. I'd like to see your stupidity as you looked in my little Catholic children's eyes and told them thy were going to hell because, my children based on the Catholic churches' teaching would NEVER tell you that you were following Lucifer ...If anything they would hug you and, say you have a right to believe what you wish..Its called love,faith and, being non judgmental. It is very sad that other religions tell lies to the members of their churches to try and make the Catholic church look bad..Here's you some good news you hater...We are by far the largest Christian church in the world..and growing bigger everyday because, Jesus s our leader and our strength..He said no one could ever hurt his, keep on running your mouth about my church and building bigger buildings to get people to visit....As for me..Ill be Doug charity

Mica Joiner said...

Doing charity..sorry everyone for the was ina hurry..Ibhave seven children😊

owls4evver said...

The nuns were very nice to her too until the day she signed her life away to them .... and why did you not listen to the whole story .... becareful of what you wish for

Anonymous said...

Kmerian .... you are a fool .... and you being so over weight proves to me that you are hiding some kind of pent up secrets .... what are you hiding ??? And people with secrets love to protect others with secrets .... looks like its a match made in hell .... Being raised and schooled in the Catholic church I can promise you they are NOT followers of Jesus Christ our lord and Savior ....

owls4evver said...

You miss Mica are sorely mislead... the Catholic church is leading you astray ... I believe you love Jesus and try to be a good kind woman .... but Jesus warns us many times about being deceived by false teachings ... the Catholic church does many many things that Jesus taught against ... one example is call no one father I know you can see that blasphemy every sunday ... please do some soul searching if not for yourself than for your children ....

Mica Joiner said...

Kmain, Unless you know and, have scripture then to have no idea what your talking about..also, I dont go for your cheap tactics that you people try to use to scar people "over to your stupidity" I know my faith, I have studied my faith ,and you are a lier...and,a fake:)....

Mica Joiner said...

And, have studied scripture..sorry hun for the last thing..go read the catechism of the Catholic church because, you are making yourself look stupid.

Mica Joiner said...

Oh and, YES Jesus does warn us about false prophets πŸ˜‰

Bruce Runnels said... lists 1955 as the year of issue in the state of FL. It is possible she did not have a social security number while she was a nun. That would explain the long time without one. The reel tape I heard was distributed in the late 50s or early 60s and the speaker sounded like an older lady. The tape was copied by "Share-Your-Tape Club" Rockland, WI where you would send in a 7 inch reel of tape and request a program from a list of available tapes. They would then make you a copy and return your tape to you.

kimmi11 said...
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kimmi11 said...

I believe her! After just hearing her tape she DID say, as she drops from the fence, that she didn't know where she was, and it could be a foreign country, as she was veiled on her way there. She also says at the beginning her parents traveled 1000 miles to accompany her in the beginning. AND she said the nuns took her 1000 miles away. And under the youtube video it says she went missing 2 yrs after the tape was made. Iv not heard ANYONE say a thing about that? Im not sure I'll be notifyex of your response, would someone please find me on facebook under Kim A Moore (my middle name is spelled out, but I dont want to give it here. Ry!!! Peace, Love, Human

kimmi11 said...

I just heard the youtube cassete recording of her testimony. All thru her speech she refered to "I never dreamed Id NEVER see my mother and father ever again" her at the end, surprisingly she made it home and both parents were still living. Js....

Anonymous said...

You cannot prove that this woman is fake. Be careful because one of the 10 commandments is not to bear false witness against thy neighbor. How would you feel if you found out that this woman's story was undoubtedly true and you accused her of being a liar when she has been extremely victimized? You will have victimized her too. Be careful.

As angry as it may make some people, the Catholic church has committed many atrocities against mankind down through the years that has been WELL documented. For instance, they harbor pedophiles directly against the commands of the Bible. The Bible clearly states not to even eat with someone who calls himself a brother and is sexually immoral along with other types of willingly sinful people. Look up 1 Corinthians 5:1-13.

David Leone' said...

The first mention of the Carmelite Order in Ireland is in a Charter of 1271 giving royal protection for five years. The Order’s first foundations in Ireland were at Leighlinbridge, Co Carlow and in Dublin (very near the present site of Whitefriar Street Church) between 1274-1278. There followed a period of great development and by 1500 there were 25 monasteries in the country.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the Hugh mistakes the Catholic church has made statistics prove that there are more molestations documented in the protestant community then the Catholic church even though the Catholic church is extremely more large... Other faiths need to take the plank out of their own eye before trying to remove a splinter from another's .

Anonymous said...

In reality, a molester is a molester. They are vile monsters preying on the innocent. It doesn't matter if they are Catholic or Protestant. Do you think when people line up to be judged that Jesus is going to care which denomination was the biggest offender? I think not! Jesus stated clearly what would happen to those who hurt children and cause them to fall away from Him. Catholic and Protestant unrepentant molesters will be burning side by side.

People need to get over defending their denomination and look at what is really important which is children's lives are being destroyed by the very adults who should be protecting them. Take a stand for children's rights' rather than bickering over which denomination is more guilty than the other. Sin crosses ALL denominational lines. Get over yourselves.

Anonymous said...

True, however, People use the abuse cases in the Catholic church daily to try and bash the church as a whole. That was my point. The Catholic church has addressed the situation and, the appropriate actions have been and, are being taken. My point was that if people are going to dog a church out then all churches should be honest and, not hypocrite's. The fact that child abuse is horrible is a given.

Unknown said...

I'm a 13 yr military veteran off and on from 1978 to 2012. Jesus is Lord. History proves the Bible is the oldest book on earth starting with the Torh. And the predictive of future events. Catholics came out of the Roman empire. After Adam,eve Moses etc.
Now I'm not speaking to those Catholic sects that follow Jesus God bless y'all, in talking to those who follow the pope. you would think an organization as big as it is can stop preist from sexauly abusing boys at has been doing this for centuries. At least us true Christiana who follow Christ would prosecute and kick out of our church. Mr. Texas do you not know the military is planning to disarm Texas? And shall do it with the Pope blessings. Look what the Pope is doing to romes own citizens. I would thought America get so dummy down as I see today. When I was over seas in foreign countries I would see people blindly voting for criminals and thank God that America wasn't like that now we are. If you think TX will stand you have no ideal what great technology the military has in plan for us. Jesus is our hope Mary even stated in bible listen to her son Jesus. Mary didn't perform mircles her son did. That's like your dad saves your life but you don't thank him you thank your boss. I wouldn't want to see my family while burning in hell looking up at me saying dad why didn't you read the Bible and follow Christ? So much secular history proves the Bible is thee only true book and predicted of future events. If you love your family don't you think they deserve that. I mean you wouldn't buy a car without researching or would you? Again in not talking to Catholics that follow Jesus just those who follow the Pope he just a man. I call like I research it if it walks like a duck hmmm it's a duck. God bless you all in the name of yeshuah. Once again I served 13 years army and navy you have no idea what's coming in the new world order and it ain't good.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my typos, I was enraged at the UN Christian and UN American comments I have read here. The rest are onpoint.

The End game said...

Sorry for my typos, I was enraged at the UN Christian and UN American comments I have read here. The rest are onpoint.

Red Ocean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Red Ocean said...

You don't have the true history of the Inquisition. Why not study it from the Catholic viewpoint in an unprejudiced manner -forsaking the false history with which the world has maligned the true Church, the spouse of Christ?

Red Ocean said...

You don't have the true history of the Inquisition. Why not study it from the Catholic viewpoint in an unprejudiced manner -forsaking the false history with which the world has maligned the true Church, the spouse of Christ?

Anonymous said...

We are all sinners, in all churches, in all cities of the world. All need christ our redemer, we are all human, and only through the blood of jesus christ, Gods only begotten son can we be saved. weather this nun/women story is true or false the story itself reveals the horros man can think or do by influence of the fallen angels, therefore; trust in God alone, the trinty and humanities only savin grace, Jesus the Christ only begotten son, sacrificed for mans/womes=humanities Sins.

Yrac Relluf said...

What hated?

Nick said...

Using the "word" of god only "sola scriptura" is the man made tradition. No where in scripture does it say "all we need is the bible alone". In the Act of the Apostles we see a councel of jeruselum where the jews say gentiles need to be circumsized first in order to become part of the new covenant (aka New Testament). What happens? They go to the bible alone and read through to find and answer..? No, Peter the rock the church was built on makes a decision for the church that christ new covenant was for ALL, for you. How can you logically say that we cant have a LIVING authority to address new issues as time goes forward. Jesus wanted "one Lord, one faith, one Baptism (ephesians 4:5). Heres some examples... Do you agree with contraception? Or abortion? Or same sex marriage? Or divirce? Is baptism necessary? You know everyone cant have the same answer "truth" from just their interpretation of scripture. Thats not what Our Lord wanted for his disciples.

Bobbie E said...

How is it possible she died in 1983 when she gave her "testimony" at Landover Baptist Church in 1999?

Anonymous said...

I've seen it in evangelical preaching too but they are just evil... Not ill

Anonymous said...

You don't have to be coached if you lived through it.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention, it was a different time and different thinking.

Anonymous said...

Here in Australia, there have been many testimonies of children being physically, sexually, emotionally, and mentally tortured and abused by priests and nuns, and there has been a massive inquest, as has been in other countries. Regardless of whether this "Charlotte"existed or is telling the truth, the torture and abuse by this organisation is historical and evidenced by many who are alive and have witnessed and are hopefully recovering from this churches horrific and evil treatment of human beings, by exposing their evil deeds. I become a Christian 40 years ago as in the Catholic church I never heard about the gospel of Jesus Christ, only about rules and being 'good', which does not bring about salvation. I am sure there may be some sincere people in this organisation, but sincerely deceived, as if examined carefully,one will see that some of the teachings are contrary to Christ's. Mother Mary can not save you, (she called him my lord and saviour as well) nor can any of the 'saints', only Jesus Christ alone, hence HE died on that cross, not them. Jesus said to pray to the Father, not to people, but Satan's work is to deter us as much as possible from Christ and Him as our only saviour, as Satan's knows that it is the only name that man can be saved by....unfortunately many Catholics or other religious organisations wont understand this......

Anonymous said...

I listened to this tape for about 5-10 minutes. To those of us who have shall we say "Catholic ears", it is clear that this woman is a Protestant/Fundamentalist fraud.

Additionally, by reading many of the posts to this blog, I find that she is not alone, that is to say...many of the comments are clearly fraudulent. Specifically, those who say such non-sense as "as in the Catholic church I never heard about the gospel of Jesus Christ, only about the rules and being good..." You can go to a Catholic mass, any day of the week, and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed from the pulpit. At every Catholic mass, there is a reading from one of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John), and there is a sermon following the Gospel reading which explains the meaning of the reading.

The extent that anti-catholics will go to insult and attempt damage on the Bride of Christ is stunning.

Vivat Jesus!

Steve G.
San Diego, CA

Anonymous πŸ˜•πŸ˜• said...

Thank you for trying but people choose to remain ignorant and will entertain the devil's tricks as long as he will allow them to because their eyes are wide shut.. I don't know what they did to this poor woman after she gave this testimony but I appreciate her courage and will pray she found peace..

Anonymous πŸ˜•πŸ˜• said...

Thank you for trying but people choose to remain ignorant and will entertain the devil's tricks as long as he will allow them to because their eyes are wide shut.. I don't know what they did to this poor woman after she gave this testimony but I appreciate her courage and will pray she found peace..

Kim M, Arkansas said...

Hey Steve very intetested? In 5-10 of her tape what made you think shes a frued? Curiouse!!!

Anonymous said...

Pope, Queen of England and Canadian Prime Minister found Guilty of Crimes against Humanity and Sentenced to Twenty Five Year Prison Terms.

Who killed Jesus? Any chance that it was Romans? Why machine of Jesus's torture (a cross)is a main symbol in a Romam Catolic Church? It looks to me like they mostly praise the cross,
all that kissing it and praying to it.
RCC stands for Roman Catolic Control. They are all satanic cult and now Inernational Tribunal gave us a proof. 3 words. GUILTY AS FUCK.

Iera Mul said...

Shame, shame, shame on you. There is a blogger who wants to make a researched point that there is doubt about the validity of the "confessions" of this woman who made grave accusations against the catholic church. This is what happens all the time when someone makes horrific accusations. I would have expected a measured response for example that someone had done some research and found the birth place, convent and other people who can back up the story - in other words an intellectual exchange of facts and possibilities.

Have you responders not got a shred of dignity? I am horrified reading about at the level of hatred that people (I refuse to call them Christians) have for the catholic church. None of you speak with any knowledge of the catholic church just indoctrinated hatred. In fact the hatred is as vitriolic as the crowd at the foot of the cross accusing Jesus of being a criminal and wanting him crucified. All you are intersted in is crucifying the catholic church not in contributing to a discussion about this woman. Do you believe Jesus deserved crucifiction because of what the Jews accused him of?. They were lies. It happens. People have an agenda when they make up stories.

Why should we catholics accept the dubious "confessions" of a clearly disturbed lady who got a lot of attention with her story by people like you waiting for someone to tell a gory horror story only for the purpose to deepen your hatred for anything catholic. There is a disturbing need for horror stories in many people and if it involves the catholic church - it is even better. I am glad I live amongst people who respect other faiths and come together in love and understanding. What century or civilisation do you come from?

I don't know if she is a liar or if she is mentally and psychologically sick. She might have had a traumatic experience or even abuse in her childhood but it is not for me to judge her. However that does not mean catholics have to lie down and take every story someone invents to get attention and accept it. We should be able to defend our church and faith without the above abuse and call lies lies. This kind of platform seems to get all you haters to show your true face and expose yourselves as no more than trolls. Shame on you you know who you are.

The catholic church has been Satan greatest enemy and he has been spreading lies about the roman catholic church from the beginning.

Mr Shannon Davis said...

Not all catholics are christians. Catholicism is a Cult which worship the Queen of Heaven "Ashteroth" aka "Astarte" and have murdered millions over the centuries and did their best to suppress the Bible being translated from Latin into English and murdered many who worked in the King James Bible.

Read all about this and the slaughter and torture of people through the ages in the David Daniels Book "Did the Catholic Church give us the Bible?"

Is it not true that the POPE and the catholic church assert that unless you are a catholic you do not make it into heaven?

Catholics worship the Queen of Heaven, pray to the dead (which God forbids and is known as necromancy), have a Pope who wears the Fish god dagon on his head and who saw fit to change times and seasons which he is not authorized to do.

Nowhere in the Word of God does it say we are to pray to the Father thru anyone except Jesus Christ His Son. Mary nor anyone else who died can hear your prayers and to pray to them is necromancy which is witchcraft which is an abomination.

The catholic church were not given the keys to the kingdom but Jesus Christ gave them to every believer and the Church is built on the ROck which is Jesus Christ - not the "pebble" which is what Petros aka Peter translated means.

Why does the catholic church forbid men to marry when the Word of God rebukes this doctrine? 1 Timothy 4

The Catholic Church revere the Peter the Disciple when in fact he wasnt sent to the Gentiles but Paul was and Peter was sent to to the Jews.

Mary is not to be worshipped. She was honored to bear Jesus Christ but we are nowhere instructed to worship her or pray to her. In fact listen to what Jesus says about his mother:

"46 While Jesus was still talking to the crowd, his mother and brothers stood outside, wanting to speak to him. 47 Someone told him, “Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you.” 48 He replied to him, “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?” 49 Pointing to his disciples, he said, “Here are my mother and my brothers. 50 For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.” Matthew 12

"1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; 2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; 3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth. " 1 Timothy 4

If you are a catholic reading this you need to renounce the catholic church, confess and repent of necromancy and idol worship, destroy your rosary beads and get all idols out of your house which invite demons into your home and receive Jesus Christ as your LORD and SAVIOR and submit for deliverance s we can cast out the devils that came into you from worshipping the queen of heaven.

The get baptized which is not a sprinkling but FULL IMMERSION under the water.

By the way there is no purgatory - you were lied to..If you are not ready t meet Jesus Christ when you die you end up in hell awaiting the great white throne judgement.

Ramona Bady said...

I the story is not true, I have someone who use to work in a convent her in Saint Louis and they tell some of the same story's about the nuns and priest and yes, she is catholic. I believe every word this person states who could make up such detailed experiences????
Believe what you like but most people don't believe the truth when it is spoken. They believe lies as if it is truth.

Anonymous said...

Given the Catholic church's track record of lying to cover up horrific sins and crimes agains little boys, I don't find this story unbelievable at all. What scares me is there are still people out there who would be proud and happy if their daughter joined one of these convents. For the love of God, save your own. Open your eyes. This is the cult of cults.

Anonymous said...

Joe Cobb said...

Sister Charlotte states clearly that she was born in the Boston Massachusetts area. There are often errors in government documents. In the case of Sister Charlotte, the error may have been intentional, because California is a Catholic dominated state, and she said that there were attempts on her life. You should read the Jesuit oath or the oath of the Knights of Columbus.
Also, I believe that Sister Charlotte traveled around the country mostly during the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. She could have gotten her Social security number anywhere in the USA.

Joe Cobb said...

Sister Charlotte states clearly that she was born in the Boston Massachusetts area. There are often errors in government documents. In the case of Sister Charlotte, the error may have been intentional, because California is a Catholic dominated state, and she said that there were attempts on her life. You should read the Jesuit oath or the oath of the Knights of Columbus.
Also, I believe that Sister Charlotte traveled around the country mostly during the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. She could have gotten her Social security number anywhere in the USA.

kmerian said...

I am a fourth degree knight, the oath claimed to be a knight oath is completely false. The fact is, her story doesn't add up

kmerian said...

I am a fourth degree knight, the oath claimed to be a knight oath is completely false. The fact is, her story doesn't add up

Brittany Sims said...

I am Catholic and I was completely horrified by the testimony of Sister Charlotte. However, there were 4 things that really bother me about her testimony and make me question the validity of her claims:
1. She said the nuns claimed her family would be saved by her becoming a nun. This is unbelievable because Catholics don't believe we can save others. They must save themselves by believing Jesus is "Lord and Savior" as Protestants say. Yes, Catholics do believe Jesus is our Lord and Savior too.
2. She said Catholics believe it is okay to lie to cover up or protect the church. Absolutely false. Catholics do not believe this. Maybe there have been Catholics who have lied or covered evil up but they were sinning.
3. She said all Catholics know it is okay to steal $40. False again. Catholics do not believe it is okay to steal.
Finally, the thing that bothers me the most about her testimony is that fact that she became a Born Again Christian but did nothing to help the supposed sisters who were still living in torture in the convent! If you are a Christian and you know about heinous evil being committed, wouldn't you report the abuse and torture!!!!!!! She said she wasn't afraid of the Catholic authorities, then why didn't she help her fellow sisters? Why did she report it? This fact alone makes me seriously question her story!

Brittany Sims said...

By the way, as a Catholic, I recognize that there are human beings who commit heinous sin (abuse, molestation, torture, murder, etc.), Catholic or otherwise. Due to our human nature to sin, it is likely that abuse within the Catholic Church can happen. Each person is susceptable of falling into sin. Even 1 of Jesus' own disciples fell away from him, Judas. Should we all focus on Judas and forget the other 11 who remained faithful to the Lord?

Mary Contrary said...

The Catholic Church has changed over the years, and yes, we could always do penances for ourselves and for the repose of the souls of others, and for the "conversion" of other people, even for the "conversion of Russia". I've seen women in Mexico walking on their knees to the alter in penance. There is a different interpretation no doubt in different Countries and Sister Charlotte was indoctrinated in an International environment. We cannot impose our singular interpretation for a different era with international influences. I believe the $40.00 stealing of money referred only to priests, and was probably in regard to "petty cash". At one time, the Church really differentiated between mortal and venial sins even to the amount of the theft, almost like the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony in criminal court. So somehow, she was taught that stealing this amount of money was not a grievous sin, again, remembering her exposure to International beliefs which were also there; no matter how consistent you may believe the Catholic Church was worldwide, indeed it was not. I believe her story, and I also think the Church really traumatized a lot of women and men. My own uncle entered the Jesuit Seminary at age 14, and what they did to him, a child, was turn him into an alcoholic, and he was basically ruined by them.

Anonymous said...

To let everyone know that the profile hiding behind ANONYMOUS is spreading lies. Utter nonsense for whatever reason.

The lies of 'sister Charlotte Keckler' are utter lies and lies about the Catholic Church, and have been condemned as lies by even the Protestant church.

Also there are Satanist groups who pose as Christians online to spread lies and falsehoods because satanists know the one true church is the Catholic Church, which is why satanists steal the Eucharistic bread to desecrate in their black masses, because they know the presence of Jesus is there once consecrated. They too know this and believe it, even though they're satanists doing evil to try to hurt Jesus.

The sister Charlotte Keckler fraud is a rehash of another debunked fraud, the Maria Monk story.

Anonymous said...

I was raised in the United Pentecostal Church and first heard a recording of this "testimony" when I was a child. I was given a cassette tape of it as a teenager and it scared me. As an adult, I attended a Catholic university for a while and while there learned that Catholics have their own terminology for things, as does the UPC.

This evening, I was on YouTube and came across the recording again and listened to it. After listening to it this evening, I am convinced that this woman was never a nun. She does not use Catholic language and she occasionally misuses the most simple terms.

No question that the CC has problems and has had them for a very, very long time, but that has no bearing on the truthfulness of this "testimony." I am not Catholic and am convinced that her testimony is a fraud. It could be someone else's, but not hers.

Anonymous said...

Search "the Islam catholic connection". The catholic church invented the antichrist religion called Islam and recruited Muhammad as a prophet of it. In the east catholic church and mosque buildings have the ancient Baal worship symbols built right into the buildings. It's as though the antichrist Islam and the catholic church are the same system.

phreezinmotor said...

You are right. 100% correct.
I'm from near Napa California. Her story is known here.
I'm an athiest and have no jesus in this fight. All I know is my once very catholic friends are no longer even close to being religious after their own experiences with the "creation of the Council of Nicea" ... it's (the rcc) is obviously the creation of Constantine and his Roman Priests and has very little to do with Christ himself. Religion has had its day. The people who still think it's true define the word Pathos to a T.
Her story and everything leading up to it are an example of how pathetic religion truly is.
Thank god I'm an athiest... god loves atheists. After one reads Mark Twain's writings on the subject... it becomes clear that god himself is an athiest too.
Charlotte is real.... and ....Thank god she saved herself. Her neighbor was the only realistic person in her childhood.
What was her father thinking?
Oh yeah... he was a believer. I want to forgive him... but it's hard. Hell ... who could forgive the guy for injecting his own daughter into such insane suffering. It's all sooo sad. And real.

phreezinmotor said...

Mark Twain. Read
•Letters From The Earth 🌏
• What is Man?
Jesus and Hillel
Never heard of Hillel?
Jesus knew him. RCC tried to wipe Hillel's writings away... why?
Hillel taught the same thing as jesus(!). And died when Jesus was about 14 or 15.
Council of Nicea & Hillel are the two realities believers know nothing about.
Too bad! Jesus knew Hillel.
and Jesus would be shocked 😳 at what Rome did at the Council of Nicea.
Charlotte was real.
Her story is real.

Lisa Kempson said...

What shocks me is that every convent in the world has not been searched and examined by the authorities over this possible insane claim! If I were of any authority, I would demand a search of every convent, without find out if any of this were true. There would be evidence in abundance...dead bodies, bloody tunnels, torture tools, and the like. Unbelievable...

Anonymous said...

When fundamentalist Christians start Bible thumping with their tasty little quotes it reminds of the farting done by an oblivious drunk that's too drunk to know they're farting!!!

Anonymous said...

They just found a mass grave of infants in Ireland somewhere where a convent/monastery used to be. They story just came out. So, perhaps they found the lives snuffed out? There were over 800 birth certificates issued yet only 2 children from the same location received a christian burial.

Anonymous said...

She is the one who escaped! It's real. It happens. Look at the Irish laundries. Those priests are perverted satanists with no hope of God's favor or a resurrection. Wake up! However misconstrued the testimony became, she underwent these tortures and the Roman Catholic enclave is the delight of Satan & his demons. Jesus as the Archangel Michael cast down Satan from the heavens and "a third of the stars" is certainly enough demons (with him)to relish the horrors inflicted at those convents. The Roman post of Babylon the Great is the foremost with all the others who make religion a profession will be those whom it is Jesus says "get away from me, I never knew you". Anyone buying into that filth will be among those sharing with her in her sins, the Great Harlot. You poor fools, even Jesus said he was not to be worshiped but only his Father. The Roman church worships the sun! They even are foolish enough to wear the fish-head cap of the Baal god Dagon of the ancients.

Anonymous said...

as a former catholic I can say that regardless of what this woman did or didn't experience - the Bible stands as witness against this 'church' from rome.

Intensity sometimes seems like Animosity said...

Does it matter?! The Catholic Church is all but dead and buried!

Anonymous said...

What makes it obvious to me is that she says that she was cloistered in a convent. Carmelite Nuns are cloistered in Monasterys. No one is cloistered in a convent. Cloisters do not permit men to come and go freely. If she was cloistered she would not have any contact with men except a priest during confession or a Dr during treatment or exam. She does not know the terms and cannot discribe the structure how things work. This makes t obvious that she is making it up.

Anonymous said...

The bible does not have anywhere in it a single word about Purgatory, Rosaries, Nuns, Prayers for Intentions, Confessing in a Confessional, nor 'good works' will get you to heaven.

The bible states in Mathew 23:9 And do not call anyone on earth 'Father' for you have one Father, and he is in heaven. Yet that title is used throughout the catholic church by all Priests.

John 14:6 Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Ephesians 2:8-9 For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.

There is no guarantee of getting into heaven. No priest can, with an offering, buy you or your loved ones out of Purgatory or help anyone get into heaven. Only Jesus can do that.

Mark2:27 "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. The bible states that the Sabbath is Saturday, and the first day of the week is Sunday. The catholics changed this during Constantine's rule so as to go along with the pagan "sun" god, as they tried to convert an entire country of Pagans.

Rome has raised Mary as a saint, yet in the bible it states, "Mary the mother of Jesus was described by God as “highly favored” (Luke 1:28). The phrase “highly favored” comes from a single Greek word, which essentially means “much grace.” Mary received God’s grace.
Grace is “unmerited favor,” meaning something we receive despite the fact that we do not deserve it. Mary needed grace from God just as the rest of us do. Mary herself understood this fact, as she declared in Luke 1:47, “. . . and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior. . .”
Mary recognized that she needed the Savior. The Bible never says that Mary was anyone but an ordinary human whom God chose to use in an extraordinary way. Yes, Mary was a righteous woman and favored (graced) by God (Luke 1:27-28). At the same time, Mary was a sinful human being who needed Jesus Christ as her Savior, just like everyone else (Ecclesiastes 7:20; Romans 3:23; 6:23; 1 John 1:8).
Mary did not have an “immaculate conception.” The Bible doesn’t suggest Mary’s birth was anything but a normal human birth. Mary was a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus (Luke 1:34-38), but the idea of the perpetual virginity of Mary is unbiblical. Matthew 1:25, speaking of Joseph, declares, “But he had no union with her until she gave birth to a son. And he gave Him the name Jesus.”
The word “until” clearly indicates that Joseph and Mary did have sexual union after Jesus was born. Joseph and Mary had several children together after Jesus was born. Jesus had four half-brothers: James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas (Matthew 13:55). Jesus also had half-sisters, although they are not named or numbered (Matthew 13:55-56). God blessed and graced Mary by giving her several children, which in that culture was the clearest indication of God’s blessing on a woman." (James McCarthy)

Catholics pray to statues of saints, including Mary, which according to the ten commandments, is praying to a graven image, a sin and idolatry.

No where does it say in the bible that the priest alone drinks wine during Communion. Jesus gave wine and bread to all his disciples. Another major deviance from the bible.

When it comes to Rome's wealth and greed, Mathew 19:24, Jesus said, It is harder for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven.

No catholic I have talked to has ever read the bible and knows anything more than what their priest has ever told them. People need to look at the history of Christianity to understand the Pagan rituals of Babylon that the church adopted and reshaped into the Catholic religion.

Check out Amazing Facts: Revelations, if you want to get a quick intro into how Roman Catholicism came about.

Bram Oosterling said...

Thanks mister, for the educational blog. Greetings from the Netherlands, Bram Oosterling

Anonymous said...

love seeing so much faith, regardless of differences, the truth is our end goal!(Anonymous) I would like to make contact, I have been doing some major research,on many things, and would like to exchange thoughts without putting too much personal info here.

Elaine Hamarsheh said...

It wasnt until the 60's that one must have a social security card i remember well when it was put into force many thought it was the mark of the beast, and so it is!I believe every word Sister Charlotte has told, there are MANY nuns come out of the church and their stories are the SAME. it is TRUE what the Bible says the RCC is the BEAST drunk on the blood of the REAL Saints.One only need to read The Bible to know the truth. SEEK The WORD The WORD is YAHUSHA (Jesus), another lie of the church naming Him a snake god ieosis. There was no J before 400 yrs ago. Come out of BABYLON this is the MESSAGE all need to know!.

Unknown said...

Not everyone experiences the same things even in what would normally be bad situations.

A Alvarez said...

Let me tell you something. When I read a TRUE non catholic Christian deby her story then it'll be credible. I cant take it as credible when a Catholic denies it. You denying it is expected and can't be taken as credible. Instead why don't you realize that in every walk of life and environment there are bad ppl. You might say "not catholics" YES CATHOLICS TOO!

A Alvarez said...

You saying it's not true means nothing either why don't you follow your own words. No ones duped more then you ppl.

A Alvarez said...

The Devil loves to paint a pretty picture for ppl and you ppl may be part of it with your stinkin statues

A Alvarez said...

And why on earth would someone be murdered over a lie. If its a lie let her deal with her own consequences with God. Could it be uhhhh that maybe she would've taken souls away from Satan and she had to be dealt with? Hmmmm.

Kate said...

I bear no ill will toward people of the Catholic faith. Jesus Christ died for every one of us, and will deliver all who call upon him. I am not Catholic, but I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I hope and pray every person will come into his grace and favor, because we will each stand before the throne to give our own account of the choices we made in this life. The Holy Bible teaches us ignorance of God's will...will not be accepted as an excuse for following false doctrine, or man-made traditions. If you are worshipping graven images...if you are not reading The Bible...if you are not doing what Jesus Christ commanded...then you do not know the Father. My heart bleeds for Sister Charlotte. If she is lying, may God have mercy on her. If her account is true, may God have mercy on every Roman Catholic. Open The it. Give your life to Jesus Christ, and he WILL make himself known to you...including his will for your life. Do as he says no matter what anyone else says or does. All glory to God, may he bless and keep you all in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Anonymous said...

I work in a mental hospital. The fact that this woman has her story down pat, is more a credit to her elaborate ability to recite her story from memory and the persistent delusions, than any brush with reality that she may have had in the past.

Here is a quote from a reliable medical source on the internet about pressured speech, which if the video is one of her then listening to it, I would definitely say that it sounds 'forced' by an inner personal demon. "pressured speech. This symptom occurs commonly in adults, adolescents, and children with bipolar disorder experiencing mania or hypomania. A rapid-fire speech pattern is one of the most frequent initial signs of bipolar disorder.

It usually occurs with other common signs and symptoms, such as increased energy and activity; reduced need for sleep or insomnia; elevated mood; irritability, agitation, or jumpiness; and racing thoughts. Pressured speech alone does not necessarily indicate bipolar disorder. This symptom can occur with other mental and nervous system conditions—such as schizophrenia, dementia, and stroke—and use of certain drugs, like cocaine, methamphetamine, and phencyclidine. Characteristic features of pressured speech are different from ordinary talkativeness and represents a noticeable change in a person's usual manner of speaking. It manifests as a compelling, virtually irresistible desire to talk. A person experiencing this symptom feels driven to talk, typically for prolonged periods and faster than usual. Other common features include speaking loudly and emphatically, and talking over or interrupting others.

Following the conversation can be challenging for the listener because someone with pressured speech also typically experiences racing thoughts. This leads to jumping rapidly from one topic to another, a sign called flight of ideas. With a hypomanic episode, the conversation may seem odd but generally logical.

Pressured speech during a manic episode, however, usually leaves the listener confused because the conversation is characteristically disjointed, illogical, fantastical, or even scary."

Either that, or she was brainwashed by some religious cult when she was discharged from wherever she got her ideas about a Catholic convent.

That being said, there's no doubt that there've been abuses of power in any society, culture, group of people that get together to do something. What this poor woman describes is not representational of the Church's teachings, and for others to use this blasphemy to incite the hatred in others for the Catholic religion is sheer stupidity on the part of others in their agitation.

Jonathon Stephens said...
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kmerian said...


Jonathon Stephens said...
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Anonymous said...

I believe this woman. Records can be changed, evil has a way. I was an abused child, I understand the evil.

Anonymous said...

Google has censored my posts, for the man I voted for. GOOGLE IS THE CIA. Why on heaven or earth would I ask them for truth.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if her story is true but check out, www.

Anonymous said...

Check out

Anonymous said...

To the administrator or whoever Why do you keep removing my reply I Googled it found it just sharing it there was nothing defensive there

Sheila Palmer said...

I agree with you Anonymous and I believe Charlotte's story of what happened to her. I grew up Cayholic and was saved many years ago and sinse than I have done research more on what they believe. We are to honor Mary, but not to worship or pray to her or the saints. Even though Mary was worthy she was still born in sun like ALL of us. Mary died like ALL who have died. I would like to know why they still have Jesus on the cross? He is resurrected. Yes I agree with you about Revelation. KMARIAN needs to read her Bible. I have have been studying Revelation for a while and I am now doing a precept study that is more in-depth study. So I believe the Roman Catholic church will call according to Revelation thank you Anonymous for all your posts!!

My God is a vow (Elizabeth) said...

This, from 2016. The first link in my search. I dare say she's not lying. And there's more.

Carmelite mother superior in Argentina faces prosecution......

Solo Christo said...

Wake up Catholic Church protector. They been guilty of all these crimes in other parts of the world. It’s been proven over and over and over again. Their doctrines alone are outside God’s Holy Word. Wake up before it’s too late.

Solo Christo said...

I know all too well about Catholic beliefs having studied under them in the past. I’m starting to think that maybe the Churches Defenders are somewhat to blame for perpetuating the deception.... in the sense that they also don’t want to give up their cushy church lifestyle where they show up to church on one day of the weekend to absolve their consciences of living ungodly all week. Or the fact that most Catholics are not really involved in their church. All the times I went NOT ONE PERSON CAME UP TO ME TO GET TO KNOW ME. And I was quite shy. Pretty much get in get out. Sickening. Wake up people.

Solo Christo said...

Amen. Anonymous.

Solo Christo said...

Hey Kmerian, you really need to awake from your Catholic loving stupor. And I really mean this in a good way..... there have been many, many evidences of Corruption in Churches, ESPECIALLY your Catholic Church. Now we could all put our heads in the sand and think no, never my Church..... one of the biggest problems I have with the Catholic Church regime is the FACT that they are a Biblical Law unto themselves. Traditions can be alright if they don’t contradict the Scriptures. Like, celebrating ones birthday every year. The Bible doesn’t say not to or to do. Even if one wants to celebrate the Passover just to remember or teach the family what it meant or means nowadays. Etc. But ONCE one, especially a Church Organization, puts traditions above or along side as equal to Scripture then you add first onto God’s Word and you pretty much lose your Foundation. And NO building stands without a foundation. I could go on and on.....