Friday, July 18, 2008

Lessons Learned

In the military, whenever an operation is completed, often the "After action report" will include "lessons learned". Well, after getting sucked into the "crackergate" controversy over at Pharyngula, I learned some things:
  1. There are such things as fundamentalist Atheists. The sanctimony and self-righteousness of some of the atheists over there would put Fred Phelps to shame.
  2. Atheists have a odd definition of what a personal attack is. (Over on those boards Catholics have been called: religious, deluded lunatic, a**holes, f***ers, Catholibots incapable of independent, rational or intelligent thinking, who abuse our children by teaching them our religion. But, none of this is meant as a personal attack [yeah, right])
  3. I used to think atheists believed that others were free to choose what they wanted to believe, nope, it seems atheists have a major superiority complex. Apparently only a child or a imbecile believes in religion.
  4. And anyone who is a Christian bears personal responsibility for the sins of every other Christian throughout history.
  5. They know what we believe better than we do, just ask them.
Oh well, I am done with this. I refuse to give Dr. Myers any more attention. His threat to desecrate the Eucharist, I see know, is nothing more than a child demanding attention. He lack the courage to enter a Catholic Church to get the Eucharist himself (what is he afraid of?), and now he is going to rant in private about the church, well, I encourage my fellow Catholic bloggers to ignore him, deny him his 15 minutes of fame and let him go back to the obscurity where he belongs.


Anonymous said...

Does the Pope allow catholics to go into non-Catholic churches or temples? When I was a kid in the 1950's it wasn't allowed.

kmerian said...

Certainly, the Pope himself has gone into Orthodox Churches and Synagouges, what is not allowed is Catholics actively participating in the worship services of other faiths (unless it is an event such as a wedding, funeral or Baptism)

Anonymous said...

Well, one thing the whole affair has done for me is to clarify in my mind that there is such a thing as an "atheist supremacist" akin to a "white supremacist". And these jokers can't even see the KKK-like aspects of the whole idea of invading someone else's religious services for the sole purpose of desecrating their sacraments.

kmerian said...

No, just as a KKK'er would not see anything wrong with desecrating a synagouge or a Black church. Like Myers, they would feel completely justified in their actions. Its supremacism and bigoted, just don't try to tell them that.

OctoberMermaid said...

Yeah, being ignored by all those lovable, perfectly rational catholics will really bum PZ out.

Don't do it! Don't deprive him of your prescense! Such cruelty! Such maliciousness! Do you not know you are the light of the world? Don't go! DON'T GOOOOOOOOOO!

I'll... WE will never forget you.