Sunday, July 13, 2008

A new low.

I encourage everyone to pray for this professor.

You have to wonder what would make someone this hateful.

Professor PZ Meyers, describes himself as a "liberal athiest". Which is his right, where he differs from most Athiests (who could care less what we religious do) is he has a level of sanctimony and self-righteousness that would make even the most extreme Baptist go "Dude, come on!".

He is certain that all of us are imbeciles who should bow before his superior intellect. His frequent use of profanity just shows the level of his ignorance and how even the most highly educated can have a pitiful vocabulary.

Well, I will let Bill Donohue be the attack dog on this one. I would just encourage everyone to pray for this soul living in darkness.


Russell Miller said...

It's spelled "atheist".

"A" as in no, and "theo" as in God.

As for the rest of it, I'll just let this mispelling speak for itself.

kmerian said...

No, Russell, don't let it, please tell me what one misspelled word says about everything else I wrote.

That religious people aren't perfect? I never claimed they were

That atheist never transpose their i's and e's? I doubt you are claiming that.

So tell me, what to 2 transposed letters say about me?