Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Ah, the hypocrisy

Over at "Abortion Clinic Days" they have posted I am sure what they consider to be a fair sign that they would like to force all health care providers and pharmacists to post in their offices.


I follow my own religious beliefs ahead of your medical needs. Therefore, I will not support, offer, or approve any of the following checked off below.

__ I do not subscribe to a woman's right to make her own decisions about her reproductive healthcare.

__I do not believe that a woman has the right to choose her method of contraception and therefore will not sell prescription birth control.

__I do not believe in Emergency Contraception, even if you have been raped, and will therefore not give you Plan B to prevent pregnancy.

__ I do not believe in abortion and therefore will not provide an abortion nor will I offer a referral for an abortion elsewhere.

Of course the first line jumps out at you. A Doctor or other health care provider should be required to violate their principles and religious beliefs. A Catholic doctor should be forced to provide services that go against his conscience. What's next? A Orthodox Jewish doctor should be forced to keep his clinic open on Saturdays as to not place his religious beliefs above that of his female patients? A Muslim doctor should be forbidden from taking time out of his day to observe his times of prayer so not to interfere with his patients care?

Of course, a womans right to choose trumps the Doctors freedom of religion and freedom of conscience. Sorry, this is still America, I have the right to my beliefs and you don't have the right to force me to go against them. Nor, do you have the right to shame me for them.

Here is my response to her post, I don't think it will be posted. A message came up that my email address had been marked as spam:

so, let me get this straight, you support a womans right to choose. But not the Doctors right to choose?

Women have a right to choose an abortion free from ridicule, but health care providers don't have the right to refuse to participate in them free from ridicule?

Nice to know you place a womans right to abortion above everyone elses rights to freedom of conscience and freedom of religion.

Better yet, why don't we require doctors who follow their convictions to wear a "A" on their clothes at all times so that they can be recognized as enemies of the state and enemies of women.

Hey, worked for Hitler.


GrannyGrump said...

You're still missing the main issue: ABORTION IS NOT AN EXERCISE IN REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH. To call it so is on a par with calling the gas chamber a "respiratory care facility."

kmerian said...

Hey Granny, I agree with you! I consider abortion to be murder, plain and simple.

layla said...

Catholic Texan,

Just read an awesome post regarding Planned Parenthood and it's dark lord, Margaret Sanger. The wife and husband team over at Maritime Sentry have been working overtime to get out the ugly truth behind that organization.

I think the post is appropriate and timely in the hopes of encouraging those, or at least, some of those, now sitting on the fence to see the true face of what they're advocating:

http://themaritimesentry.blogspo...search? q=sanger

Please pass along as you see fit, and many thanks from NY