Monday, August 11, 2008

Let the facts speak for themselves.

Mr. Volpe, that is a shame. You alleged my father served as President of TMA at the same time he was on a board advising BCBS. That has been shown not to be true, but you refuse to correct it.

You claimed my father was placed in the Presidency of the TMA by BCBS, yet you offered no proof.

You claimed my father was in a position of "power" at BCBS. But, even you admit that you don't know what authority (if any) this board has. (According to my father they have none, because they are an ADVISORY board) BCBS is under no obligation to follow any of the boards advice.

You claimed BCBS employs my father to "punishes doctors that powerful forces deem a threat". You then go on to detail Dr. Pigotts issues before the TMB. With no evidence BCBS was involved except that ONE of the TWENTY or so doctors has a passing connection to BCBS.

You also claim my father has "gotten into bed with BCBS in order to help BCBS root out those of (his) colleagues that they determine too expensive to keep around." Again though, you admit that you have no idea what this advisory board does, so how can you possibly make this statement. Especially when you admit that you made absolutely no attempt to contact BCBS?

You also claim that during 2002, while my father was President of the TMA, he was also on the BCBS Medical Advisory Board. However, that is not true. But you refuse to remove it solely because it is the only link between Dr. Pigott and BCBS and between her and my father. Is a story more important than facts?

You base your inclusion of my father based on something Dr. Pigott stated that Dr. Curran stated. This is hearsay, and as such, unreliable. And again, you made no attempt to contact my father or BCBS to verify any of this.

You also claimed that Dr.'s Miller, Curran and Merian were on this board with BCBS the same time they were in "positions of power". But, I have illustrated they were not. Your house of cards is collapsing.

In part 3, you claim it is "likely" my father was "helped" into his "position of power by BCBS in order to help execute corruption against doctors like Dr. Pigott" Again, you made this statement knowing nothing about my father. You claim that there are many Doctors with a resume "finer" than my father, yet you admit knowing nothing about him, so your statement is unqualified. Your sole complaint about my father seems to be that he is from a small town so he is inherently unqualified to hold any position of power. (BTW Dr. Pigott is from a small town as well, but you don't doubt her credentials, why?)

Your description of Family Practitioners, while accurate in some areas, shows a level of ignorance about who they are and what they do.

You also claim thousands of Doctors have been "targeted" by the "likes" of Keith Miller. But again, you offer no proof of that allegation either.

You claim the facts speak for themselves. They certainly do.

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mike volpe said...

My complaint against your father has nothing to do with where he practices medicine. In fact, I have said nothing about his skills as a doctor. I said that it is curious that three folks from relatively small towns wind up in positions of power within the Texas Medical community at the same time they are moonlighting for BCBS, the single biggest provider of insurance in Texas. Frankly, it is.

Again, your father is mentioned in a tangential manner in the story and yet you are consumed by it. On the one hand, you are merely defending his honor. On the other hand, you have drawn significantly more attention to his role in this fiasco than anything I ever said.

My story mentioned your father a handful times and always in passing. You have now drawn so much more attention to him than anything I ever did.

Furthermore, there is bigger picture here. Dr. Pigott was wronged in a very serious way. Your father hasn't had it so bad. Yet, you show zero sympathy for her, and your entire agenda is fixing some minute detail in this story that is ultimately trivial. Since this BCBS group is not transparent, we will never know exactly when your father served on it. That is the point. If this group is on the level, as you have claimed, it should be irrelevant whether or not he was simultaneously TMA president while he served on it. After all, your contention is that this is some sort of an outreach group. In your hypothesis it makes no difference what else your father did while serving on this board. Yet, you are now insistent that I change my story even though in your view there is nothing nefarious about this group anyway. You can't have it both ways.

Again, the person you should be taking this up with is Dr. Curran who turned this group into a nefarious one.

As for me, I editorialized based on facts I presented. I certainly have every right to state my thoughts and opinions on my own blog. Based on the evidence I presented, I certainly believe that questions are raised about how everyone in this group gained their position. That is my editorial opinion and it was stated simply as that. It was not presented as fact and was not mistaken for anything but opinion.

As for these thousands of doctors, I said it was likely. My own evidence is several stories that I have broken about several doctors wronged JUST LIKE DR. PIGOTT. Along with this, there has been a Texas Legislature investigation of the TMB. Furthermore, this is a number that several doctors believed was accurate.

Frankly, this has now gone beyond a son protecting his father, and bordered on silly. You have stated your opinion. That opinion is published here and on my own blog. Now, it's time to move on.

Everyone knows where you stand, and they know where I stand. Let the evidence and facts speak for themselves and let the audience decide.