Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I got an email the other day from Nial Kilkenny with Reformation.org. This is virulent anti-Catholic site. The email was a bulk email sent to people on his mailing list, it directs them to a new page on his website about the conflict in the Republic of Georgia.

My jaw hit the desk when I saw this. First, it refers to Vladimir Putin as one of the great leaders of the "free world". Putins record on human rights and religious freedom speaks for itself, and it is not one of freedom. But, he (Putin) has opposed the Catholic Church, therefore Kilkinny feels he is a friend of true Christians (the enemy of my enemy).

First, he claims the Pentagon provided the following equipment:

Mr. Kilkenny has obviously never served in the military or done any basic research. The rocket launchers on the left are Soviet made BM-27 launchers. The armor on the right is a Soviet made BMP-1 personnel carrier.

So, it is obvious that these are Soviet leftovers not Western armor. He goes on to show burning "Pentagon" armor. Which are actually burning TU-72 tanks and a burning BMP.

The breakaway provinces are not independent nations, no nation on earth (other than Russia) recognizes them as such. Putin used South Ossieta like Hitler used the Sudetenland.

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

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